Friday, February 19, 2010


Much to our surprise, we finally found a house that we both love! According to our realtor, it is just weird enough for me and just normal enough for Dave. She was right!

I cannot wait to paint and decorate, and unleash all of my ideas on this place like I couldn't do the past 10 yrs at my boring rentals. With the exception of the year I had a huge sunset mural on a wall (with a hidden door to a balcony!), I have been living in a world of white and beige, some shade of brown carpet, and a serious lack of windows.

That is finally over!!! Here's a couple pictures I snagged from online (none of this furniture is ours FYI, these are previous owner pics):

They just ripped all the carpet out for us! Look at those floors! Real hardwood that's been covered in carpet since 1960. I've always looooved hardwood floors, now I have a whole house of them!! And they're perfect! I'm envisioning yellow in here. A pretty sunshiny yellow that screams "HEY, THANKS FOR COMING IN! AREN'T I AWESOME?! WOOHOO!" or something to that effect. Dave is not sold on yellow, so I'm sitting here staring at a gallon of slate gray paint, hoping it doesn't darken up my room too much!

This here ^^ is the addition. It's got a 70s vibe to it and I'm in love. I never thought I'd like wood paneling, but I do. If it were our only living room, it'd be gone quick, but we have 2! See over by the sliding door, that brick on the floor? It's part of the hearth for the wood burning stove, shiny black brick! It's so pretty.

And a 3 season porch! It doesn't matter to me that Michigan only has 2 seasons, freezing cold and snowy- or slightly warm with no snow, I get to sit inside and enjoy the outside! I'm envisioning many summer nights sleeping here. I love to sleep outside in the summer. I don't love being the mosquito snack that I am.

I'm only including this ugly kitchen picture because sometime in the next year I'll be able to share a non-ugly kitchen picture. I don't know what's up with those cabinets. I've never seen any that didn't have flat fronts. They are not pretty. Also, carpet in the kitchen? What's up with that?! I'm willing to bet I'll spill spaghetti sauce on it within the first month. The counter will be moved to my workspace because it's so seriously awesome that I will likely never part with it. Dave hates it or I'd keep it in the kitchen forever. Mint green with gold flake, it's too fantastic. I wish I had a better picture of its awesomeness. I've got a vintage bubble mirror that will look fab with this thing.

All of the bedrooms have white walls and perfect hardwood floors. The bathroom is really pretty and white with no crazy ugly bathroom style tile and no pink (ugh so many people have pink bathrooms! Nearly every house we saw!). There's a full basement with an extra bedroom too! I can't wait to share before and after pictures!

We start painting tomorrow!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Since a few followers have asked about it, I wanted to share that I'm now moderating comments here. My blog is being spammed like crazy and I just don't have the time to delete dozens of comments that aren't even in a language I speak. Sorry, I know it's annoying! I won't censor you, if you don't like me and feel the need to tell me, go for it. If you want to spam the crap out of my comment section, too bad! :)

Don't let this stop you from posting, I love to get your feedback!

As soon as I find my lost-again camera, I'll be posting new house pics! It's getting so close! Only 7 days away!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New News!

We bought a house! We close in 2 weeks! I have a post written up about with pictures and everything, and nothing I've had to say is more exciting than that, so I haven't been motivated to blog anything else. I don't want to jinx it blabbering on and on about how much I love it... yet.

My boy turns 5 in just over a week also! I can't believe I am the Mom of a 5 year old. The past half-decade has gone by so fast! He is the most amazing little person I have ever met and I love him more than I could ever put into words.

Instead of a party at home like we usually do, I gave him the options of a party at Chuckie Cheese or BounceLand since our house will be full of boxes for the next couple weeks. Instead he decided -- all on his own -- that he wants to go to "that big fishtank in Chicago" that I told him about a loooong time ago. So Shedd Aquarium here we come! I am too excited. That is so much better than Chuckie Cheese or BounceLand!!

I went to Chicago a lot as a kid. We always went to the Children's Museum or my all-time favorite The Museum of Science and Industry. I don't remember ever going to the aquarium. I remember being 21 and in Chicago all hungover the day after my birthday and wanting to go but we somehow ended up at Dave and Buster's. Fun, but not the aquarium. Im so excited. He is going to love it! My in-laws are going too! Have I mentioned I'm so excited?!

Ok so it's a summer picture... but the weather is so much sweeter then and he hasn't gotten any taller. :)