Friday, January 15, 2010

Nearly Silent Saturday....

...or Friday, or whenever I feel like posting it...

The first quilt I want to post on Etsy. Looooove the colors/fabrics used! When I washed it the edges got crazy wrinkly though. I don't like that. Thinking of not selling it because I'm a perfectionist. Opinions?

Continued from last Saturday... This is the table runner I made for my boss for Christmas! It looks great on her table, but proved impossible to get a decent picture of.

Some mirror-image mittens I crocheted for my boy. I couldn't find any mittens that were actually long enough to cover his wrists. Problem solved. 2 pairs are in the works right now for my Etsy shop! I'm hoping to sell the pattern if/when I ever finish writing it so it makes sense to more than just me.

I made this handbag and the one below a while ago. Notice the grass? *sigh* I miss you sunshine! I want to list these on Etsy as well. I'll get to it. I love the mix of beautiful fabrics & quilting, crochet, and wood!

Flex frame pouches 0, Delainie 1. Took me a while, but I figured out how to do these right finally. Not sure why I made that so difficult before! By request I made the latest ones with blues, greens, and black, trying to be as ungirly as possible. Guitars and wheels man up the flowers right? Available here.

The rest of my time has been spent with this little dude lately. He is loving the snow. Whose kid is this? I could've swore he is mine... Proving snow-hating is not hereditary.

Wipe out! Snow is a lot more fun with him around. :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Decisions To Make...

Can I just say, I hate taxes! Well tax season anyway. Again this year I decided to be organized by throwing every receipt for every fabric I bought and ever P.O. trip I took into a box marked 2009. Yup that's it. Hundreds of receipts in a box. Then every year in January I sort them out by store and date and get started on really organizing that mess. Last year I cried. I figured out how much money I made and then how much I spent. How much I spent far exceeded how much I made. I did impressively better this year. I'm ashamed to say I have nothing to show for it but pride from people all over the world buying my items. Didn't save any of it that's for sure! What'd I buy with my earnings? Fabric. Some more fabric. Some notions. Fabric. Even more fabric. Some more fabric. Probably some clothes too. And a hell of a lot of toys. Might have paid a bill or two.

So now I'm stuck wondering if I should keep this up. I'm making money. I'm selling my things and that's awesome. But when I consider the amount of time I spend online to make this money, it's ridiculous. I probably make 10 cents an hour. I love selling my wares. I love designing, sewing, selling, packaging, shipping my wares. I don't like wasting my time. I also don't want to end up on Hoarders with this fabric obsession.

So we'll see what happens... I can't just make a decision on this quite yet...

I've made some great things for friends of mine lately. I've been so busy with Christmas gifts that I really haven't added much to my shop in the past few weeks. Here are a few of them:

A yellow submarine pillow for my Beatles fanatic friend Kristin. Technically this isn't a Christmas gift since we agreed not to do gifts and I haven't given it to her yet. It's a we're-all-friends-in-a-yellow-submarine-no-matter-how-damn-busy-we-are gift. Soft, fleecy, and awesome, with a zipper for easy laundering.

This one isn't technically a gift either since I already spoiled my Ali-cat this year. She got a peek at some of the larger quilts I've been making and asked me oh-so-sweetly for a quilt for her baby doll. Easy enough, I think it took me 20 min. tops. The smile on her face was so worth it.

And here's my goober testing out the quilt and pillow. He kept telling me "Mom, you made this quilt too small, it won't even cover my butt!"

My first ever teacher gifts! Ms. S and Ms. T got matching fabric baskets (made using a slightly modified version of this pattern from Pink Penguin. So very easy and turns out so nice! Try it! David chose magnets, pocket mirrors, and candle holders to go inside. Then he wrote his name on the tags. My boy is getting so big. His teachers are so wonderful, I wish we could've done more for them! But hey, I pay em for that right? :)

One of the table runners I made. This one went to my Grandma. I made another for my boss as well but never got a picture of it. I have one in the works for my stepmom-in-law too, just haven't had a chance- or the motivation- to finish it quite yet.

These are all fine and dandy, but check THESE out!

My Mommers made them! She is beyond awesome. This is my Mom's diet plan. Instead of eating, she is making fake food. How that keeps her mind off food is beyond me, but it's working, and I've always known she's weird. Just looking at it makes me want some mashed potatoes and a PopTart. Love you Mom!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Near Silent Saturday...

Not much to say, so I'll make this near silent Saturday. This is a quilt I'm working on. I've got 6 quilts in the works! At least 2 will be listed on Etsy soon!

Big news hopefully coming soon too! (Not gonna jinx myself on this house business again!)