Friday, June 27, 2008

Arrrrrgh Matey!

So I just got paid, and I need the cash, but what did I do? I went to the swimsuit sale at JCP after work. How am I supposed to maintain any level of self control when the mall is right behind my house?? Especially with Tay going on and on and on and on this week about 88 cent swimsuits. After trying on somewhere around 25 suits, David was done with me. I was forced to just pick one and get the hell out of the mall. 3 year olds and malls just don't mix. Anyway, super cute suit for less than $30 and it's red and white stripes. I feel all piratey. If ya see me at the beach, give me an ARRRRRGHH!

I added a new item (actually 4) to my Etsy shop today. Normally I stick to fabric and the occasional crochet item, but I was inspired to make some necklaces. I've had a ton of people wanting cluster necklaces like I always wear so with a little help from my sis, I made some today. The pictures turned out great too! :) I wish clothing was as easy to photograph!

Random wonder of the day...
Why are there so many songs about Lollipops lately? Lil Wayne and Three 6 Mafia both are constantly on XM, I can't escape it. There's a 3rd Lollipop song but I forgot it. None of which I want to be a fan of, but they just get stuck in my head! Plus while Dave's gone, I have his car, so OF COURSE the XM receiver fell right off the dash so I can't change it while I'm driving. The dash its been perfectly stuck to for weeks now.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I had to add this pic today because these 2 just make me smile. The grass is so green and it was such a beautiful day. Isn't that driveway great? I love having all that space at work and still not being anywhere near the road. I've been messing endlessly with my new camera and it is so fantastic! This picture hardly proves it since I didn't use any of the fancy features. Most of my most recent pics are of the kids walking (and sometimes running and yelling "nooooooooo!!!") away from me since they are so sick of me taking pictures. Maybe I'm cruel, but I find this hilarious. I LOVE my new camera. Love love love love love it. Love it.

Sunday, my mom-in-law came and got my kiddo and didn't bring him back to me till this morning! I wasn't sure what to do with all that kid-less, husband-less free time! So I did what all normal mothers would do. I ate popcorn and soda for dinner, then I slept till noon on Monday. I called my girls K and D and went out to the lake to lay on the boat and get crispy fried in the hot, hot sun. Oh how I miss doing that!

My car is fixed! I'd say what was wrong with it but it would just make me look like a jackass.

Our new car's radio gets louder the faster you drive and there's no key- lock on the passenger side door. I find both of these features incredibly stupid. Random I know, but it's been making me crazy all week.

I need to make something new soon. If I don't come up with a workable idea from the massive amount of fabric I have around here then I'm going to have to start another rug. Ever since mentioning in my Ruggy Goodness post that I should/could/would hook all my rugs together for one giant locker-hooked rug, I've wanted nothing more than to do just that. I'm trying to maintain some self-control and keep them on Etsy, but I really want to keep them all. I never want to part with anything I make, I have got to get over that.

My mom and sister went diamond mining again in Arkansas. Cross your fingers that they find a gem so big they need a wheelbarrow to carry it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Big Messenger Totes - Oh My!

So ever since my great friend Michelle chose to put us all in hot pink polka dots for her wedding this coming July, I have had an overwhelming urge to make pink things. At first I shuddered at the thought of pink (sorry Michelle, ya know I love you, I'm just not a pink gal) but the dress is absolutely the cutest thing ever and I really can't wait to wear it. I finally worked up the motivation to make Shannon's purse too. It's pink and turned out absolutely fantastic. It's reversible too! Not to mention, it's also got some killer interfacing that I've never used before and what a difference it makes! And I triple stitched the seams so she can love it extra hard. It's one of those customs that I would never make for myself (only because of the pink factor) but as soon as it's done for someone else I wannnnnnt one! I have enough fabric to make one more, but will I? If I did I feel like it'd have to go in my Etsy shop since I only have a measly 35 items listed right now. I've got about 25 things half finished that I have no motivation to get back to and about 78,909,609,876,098 more ideas floating around in my head. So Shannon- enjoy your purse, I will be eternally jealous. :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ruggy Goodness

I feel like showing off, what's it to ya? Check out this rug I made. It's absolutely beautiful and I'm madly in love with it. I'm madly in love with a lot of things I make, so be prepared to hear me say that a lot. I finished this one a while ago, but it will always be my favorite since it was my first. I like how it spirals and its minor imperfections remind me of how much better I've gotten at this rug making technique. This is the only one I've kept for myself so far. The others I've made are all listed on Etsy, but if they don't sell I will be glad to have a houseful of locker-hooked goodness. Shit maybe I'll hook them all together someday and have a whole random patchworky room of cushy softness. Dave would just loooove that.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Cars. Love em and leave em.

What is it with me and cars. I don't like them, they don't like me. I've managed to avoid a car payment my entire driving life so far by buying inexpensive (aka shitty) cars. I've always said I don't care about cars as long as it gets me from Point A to Point B, unfortunately mine haven't always been that reliable. The Mazda I miss, she was a good little car. Even when the A/C didn't work and the speakers crackled, I liked that little car. The POS Dad bought me for my 16th bday was just that. A POS. I drove it twice, neither times legally, and then I think my Uncle (yet another Dave) left it on the side of the road one night when he'd had enough of its BS. The Beretta was out to get me. It attempted to freeze me to death, cook me to death, throw me against my will into oncoming traffic, and make me look like a complete tool with it's ridiculous after market accessories the buckethead who owned it before me had added. The Neon went a step further by trying to drown me. I won't ever understand how it mysteriously filled with water, but I will always wonder- WHYYYY?? It still smells like dead cat and french fries. Dave gave me his Intrepid. Works great, looks good, nicest I've had and already paid for- yay! It was mine for a few weeks and then Tuesday it just turned off in a construction area, for no reason whatsoever. My bad car luck continues... at least the junkyard will pay me for the crap-heap as soon as I find the title!

Hello Bloggy Blog

Well hello world of blogging. I'm Delainie. I go by D, Lane, Laner, Mama, whatever... as long as you aren't using a pathetically pronounced version of my actual name I'm happy. Just not Bitch unless I deserve it.

I have a Myspace but posting bulletins there about Etsy and my son and my random musings and mischief just seemed so juvenile. So here I am, being mature, and puttin it out there. Hah!

Maybe a little backstory is in order...

I'm the mama to a handsome boy named David. He is my everything. He's my sidekick... I would say my partner-in-crime, but since when is acting goofy, singing songs, and dancing around all day a crime? We are dorks and proud to be. Well, he's just 3 so I guess he's just a kid and I'm the dork. Ohhh well.

I have a handsome hubby also, he's a Dave too. I live in a world overrun by Daves and testosterone. We have a big, wonderful family that still confuses me about who is whose and where they all came from, but I love them. Even my In-laws, and who ever says that? Plus my kiddo gets 8 Grandparents outta the deal- the silver lining of divorce!

I spend my days with my part-time kiddo, who I call Allister or Ali-Cat, and occassionally her big sis Tay, and my own wee one. Basically, I get paid to goof off with 3 silly kids at a nice house with a huge yard, working for the sweetest family. We just got a new playhouse this week- be prepared for the ridiculous amount of cuteness I'm sure to share soon. Sickeningly sweet isn't that? *barf* I'll admit, I may like the playhouse just as much as the kids do -- thanks Grandpa Mark! (that would be G-pa #9 if anyone's keeping track of this- try teaching it to a toddler!)

After all this controlled madness, I also sew and design a good amount of things. Ninja Pants are my biggest seller, but I make hundreds of other items. You can get them locally in good ol' Kalamazoo, or online at There's a lot of things I make that never make it to my Etsy site because I either wanted to keep them all for myself, or they don't fit in with the (already random enough) theme of my Etsy shop. You'll find a lot of those here eventually, because really, I want to show em off.

Follow along kids....