Thursday, June 26, 2008


I had to add this pic today because these 2 just make me smile. The grass is so green and it was such a beautiful day. Isn't that driveway great? I love having all that space at work and still not being anywhere near the road. I've been messing endlessly with my new camera and it is so fantastic! This picture hardly proves it since I didn't use any of the fancy features. Most of my most recent pics are of the kids walking (and sometimes running and yelling "nooooooooo!!!") away from me since they are so sick of me taking pictures. Maybe I'm cruel, but I find this hilarious. I LOVE my new camera. Love love love love love it. Love it.

Sunday, my mom-in-law came and got my kiddo and didn't bring him back to me till this morning! I wasn't sure what to do with all that kid-less, husband-less free time! So I did what all normal mothers would do. I ate popcorn and soda for dinner, then I slept till noon on Monday. I called my girls K and D and went out to the lake to lay on the boat and get crispy fried in the hot, hot sun. Oh how I miss doing that!

My car is fixed! I'd say what was wrong with it but it would just make me look like a jackass.

Our new car's radio gets louder the faster you drive and there's no key- lock on the passenger side door. I find both of these features incredibly stupid. Random I know, but it's been making me crazy all week.

I need to make something new soon. If I don't come up with a workable idea from the massive amount of fabric I have around here then I'm going to have to start another rug. Ever since mentioning in my Ruggy Goodness post that I should/could/would hook all my rugs together for one giant locker-hooked rug, I've wanted nothing more than to do just that. I'm trying to maintain some self-control and keep them on Etsy, but I really want to keep them all. I never want to part with anything I make, I have got to get over that.

My mom and sister went diamond mining again in Arkansas. Cross your fingers that they find a gem so big they need a wheelbarrow to carry it.

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