Friday, July 16, 2010

Papasan Makeover! And some other goodies...

So I finally made something for ME and it's amazing! What was once a boring, black papasan cushion, is now a bright, fabulous, eye-catching papasan! I had to move it to the main living room just so I could stare at it.

I used scraps for the entire thing! The smallest piece is ~0.75"x 1". The biggest is around 8"x4" and I tried to avoid using anymore of those after that one starting piece. I didn't plan it out or measure anything, just cut-sew-add until it was gigantic and wonderful! Can you tell I like it a lot? ;) I was tempted to make it into a quilt but I can't imagine quilting it all by hand since it would be too big for my machine. So I went back to Plan A and made a huge round papasan cushion pillowcase! It has a pocket back that I stitched closed with huge stitches, so I can easily remove it to wash it. Lord knows nothing stays clean with a 5 yr old in the house!

That great store I Heart Ipanema, that I've got a bunch of goodies at here, has been a pretty cool experience. Stuff is selling pretty well! One shopper didn't find what she wanted so Nicole sent her my way for a custom set for her friend's baby. I'm convinced, I make fun stuff, and that's why I get to meet the most fun people doing what I do! She was really sweet, and she loved the Pillow Cubes, Tie Bib, and Bunny Rattle!

I was surfing Noodlehead again and saw this great tutorial for Car Pillows! Since I *still* know a scary amount of pregnant women, like I seem to always these days, I made a whole car lot full of Car Pillows. Girly ones too! That's right Mamas, you're all getting pillows, I'm ahead of the game for once!

And last but not least, one of my best friends' sisters is getting married! I hemmed her Mom's dress for her... by hand I might add... and then used some of the scrap to make her a snap pouch to match the dress! I hope she loves the little surprise! Congrats soon Rachel!