Friday, June 27, 2008

Arrrrrgh Matey!

So I just got paid, and I need the cash, but what did I do? I went to the swimsuit sale at JCP after work. How am I supposed to maintain any level of self control when the mall is right behind my house?? Especially with Tay going on and on and on and on this week about 88 cent swimsuits. After trying on somewhere around 25 suits, David was done with me. I was forced to just pick one and get the hell out of the mall. 3 year olds and malls just don't mix. Anyway, super cute suit for less than $30 and it's red and white stripes. I feel all piratey. If ya see me at the beach, give me an ARRRRRGHH!

I added a new item (actually 4) to my Etsy shop today. Normally I stick to fabric and the occasional crochet item, but I was inspired to make some necklaces. I've had a ton of people wanting cluster necklaces like I always wear so with a little help from my sis, I made some today. The pictures turned out great too! :) I wish clothing was as easy to photograph!

Random wonder of the day...
Why are there so many songs about Lollipops lately? Lil Wayne and Three 6 Mafia both are constantly on XM, I can't escape it. There's a 3rd Lollipop song but I forgot it. None of which I want to be a fan of, but they just get stuck in my head! Plus while Dave's gone, I have his car, so OF COURSE the XM receiver fell right off the dash so I can't change it while I'm driving. The dash its been perfectly stuck to for weeks now.

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