Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hey you! Moon!

I took a zillion pictures this weekend! We had such a good time with Bonnie and Michelle and their families. I even ran into my old Brownie/Girl Scout troop leader! It was so nice to see everyone and be back home for a bit. (I never thought I'd be saying this about my hometown!)

Anyway, even after taking a ton of pics, I chose these for tonight's post. I'll have to share the massive cuteness of our boys in a later post because these just have me puzzled. Look to the left of the tree in the 1st shot- do you see the "moon"? Notice the 2nd shot, taken less than 5 seconds after the first. Am I nuts or is it gone? You couldn't see it without the camera and I only got one shot of it. The next night I noticed the moon was a waxing crescent, so I suppose it would've been a new moon the night these pics were taken, but why wouldn't we be able to see it? I understand the phases of the moon and the fact that a new moon is positioned between the sun and the Earth, I just want to know why it won't show up in the photos. Who knows anything about photographing the moon? Why is this crazy mystery moon conundrum even bothering me?

As for the rest of the weekend...

It was wonderful to catch up with everyone! I love seeing all of our boys in one place- it just fascinates me. All of us girls, friends since kindergarten, all with boys! I can't wait to see these 6 little guys grow up!

We made it up to Grand Haven on Saturday and I finally got a Pronto Pup. Pronto Pups are just about the greatest food ever invented. The best foods come from tiny shacks on the beach cooking everything in the same big vat of boiling grease. I'll take 2, and I like 'em naked please. Deeeeelicious.

I'm sick of driving all over and I'm glad to be home. I have been a lazy bum all day and it feels soooo good.

I have to post somethin from the 4th! Here's my Daves playin with sparklers. My MIL looks a little scared in the background hehe...

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