Monday, July 7, 2008

A 3 yr old's Playlist...

So I let my son make his own CD today since he's always so damn bossy about what music I play. It was interesting to see what he came up with. This is his newest playlist:

The Moldy Peaches -- Anyone Else But You
Blind Melon -- 3 is the Magic Number
Paul Simon -- Slip SLidin Away
Genesis -- That's All
Katy Perry -- I Kissed a Girl
Three 6 Mafia -- Lolli Lolli
Maroon 5 -- If I never See Your Face Again
Greensky Bluegrass -- Middle Mountain Towns
Soul Coughing -- Soft Serve
Portishead -- Glorybox
Moby -- Run On
Barry Louis Polisar -- All I Want is You
Duffy -- Mercy
Amy Winehouse -- Monkey Man
Colbie Callait -- Realize
Bad Company -- Black Betty

I had to say a big "no way" to Swizz Beatz "It's Me Bitches", but other than that I'd say my 3 yr old has great taste in music (with only a few exceptions). I am so glad we don't sit around here listening to the Wiggles or Kids Bop or whatever that crap is. I'd have had to rip my ears off long ago.

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