Monday, June 16, 2008

Cars. Love em and leave em.

What is it with me and cars. I don't like them, they don't like me. I've managed to avoid a car payment my entire driving life so far by buying inexpensive (aka shitty) cars. I've always said I don't care about cars as long as it gets me from Point A to Point B, unfortunately mine haven't always been that reliable. The Mazda I miss, she was a good little car. Even when the A/C didn't work and the speakers crackled, I liked that little car. The POS Dad bought me for my 16th bday was just that. A POS. I drove it twice, neither times legally, and then I think my Uncle (yet another Dave) left it on the side of the road one night when he'd had enough of its BS. The Beretta was out to get me. It attempted to freeze me to death, cook me to death, throw me against my will into oncoming traffic, and make me look like a complete tool with it's ridiculous after market accessories the buckethead who owned it before me had added. The Neon went a step further by trying to drown me. I won't ever understand how it mysteriously filled with water, but I will always wonder- WHYYYY?? It still smells like dead cat and french fries. Dave gave me his Intrepid. Works great, looks good, nicest I've had and already paid for- yay! It was mine for a few weeks and then Tuesday it just turned off in a construction area, for no reason whatsoever. My bad car luck continues... at least the junkyard will pay me for the crap-heap as soon as I find the title!

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