Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello Bloggy Blog

Well hello world of blogging. I'm Delainie. I go by D, Lane, Laner, Mama, whatever... as long as you aren't using a pathetically pronounced version of my actual name I'm happy. Just not Bitch unless I deserve it.

I have a Myspace but posting bulletins there about Etsy and my son and my random musings and mischief just seemed so juvenile. So here I am, being mature, and puttin it out there. Hah!

Maybe a little backstory is in order...

I'm the mama to a handsome boy named David. He is my everything. He's my sidekick... I would say my partner-in-crime, but since when is acting goofy, singing songs, and dancing around all day a crime? We are dorks and proud to be. Well, he's just 3 so I guess he's just a kid and I'm the dork. Ohhh well.

I have a handsome hubby also, he's a Dave too. I live in a world overrun by Daves and testosterone. We have a big, wonderful family that still confuses me about who is whose and where they all came from, but I love them. Even my In-laws, and who ever says that? Plus my kiddo gets 8 Grandparents outta the deal- the silver lining of divorce!

I spend my days with my part-time kiddo, who I call Allister or Ali-Cat, and occassionally her big sis Tay, and my own wee one. Basically, I get paid to goof off with 3 silly kids at a nice house with a huge yard, working for the sweetest family. We just got a new playhouse this week- be prepared for the ridiculous amount of cuteness I'm sure to share soon. Sickeningly sweet isn't that? *barf* I'll admit, I may like the playhouse just as much as the kids do -- thanks Grandpa Mark! (that would be G-pa #9 if anyone's keeping track of this- try teaching it to a toddler!)

After all this controlled madness, I also sew and design a good amount of things. Ninja Pants are my biggest seller, but I make hundreds of other items. You can get them locally in good ol' Kalamazoo, or online at There's a lot of things I make that never make it to my Etsy site because I either wanted to keep them all for myself, or they don't fit in with the (already random enough) theme of my Etsy shop. You'll find a lot of those here eventually, because really, I want to show em off.

Follow along kids....

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