Friday, March 27, 2009

By Request...

I made this fabulous snap clutch for a custom order and was asked to post it! It turned out so nice, and she chose my favorite colors! It was so hard to part with! I had to package and ship it as soon as the adhesive dried, if I hadn't I might not have been able to let it go!!

I'm thinking of hunting down at least a couple more of these frames after work. I'm just really not in the mood to drag my 4 yr old to the mall on a Friday night to buy frames at my secret-source. lol. We'll see when 6pm comes around. I live right behind the mall, and I never go. 13 yrs ago this would have been my dream location, my how times change!

I just lost a few million brain cells to the toxic stink of industrial glue. (It's actually non-toxic, just smelly.) I made 7 more of my itty-bitty snap pouches yesterday. I wanted to get them glued last night, but that just didn't happen. I made a special one for a friend of mine (I'll leave her anonymous right now since she has no idea I made her something, and I know she reads this) using a fabric she had requested a while ago but I had no more of. I found a tiny scrap of it and it worked out perfectly for a teensy little pouch! Hopefully the glue dries enough for me to get pictures after lunch!

Now that I'm typing this I just realized I made 2 pairs of Ninja Pants, a great teal knit skirt (that I may keep... not sure yet), and 7 pouches yesterday. Holy crap. I think I'm going to attempt to take the weekend off. Maybe I'll even get to sleep in tomorrow! My hubby bought the greatest CASHMERE sheets on clearance. My bargain-shopper-ness is slowly wearing off on him! If I hadn't had David's pointy little knees poking into my side this morning, I may have never gotten out of bed! Cashmere sheets and early morning cuddles with my favorite little guy- I am so spoiled!


JustJaynes said...

I love that clutch! You should make more!!

Anonymous said...

Love that clutch so much!!.. ;) Cant believe how much you get done in a day!.. haha I'm lucky I get dressed!