Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Workin Hard Today!

Looooook! I love this wallet! In fact, I love my Slapdash Wallets even better with zippers than without now. Why didn't I start off making them this way? I was inspired by a custom order to add zippers to a few these. They take a lot longer to make and use a lot more fabric, but the end result is worth it! Don't ya love that new fabric?!

I'm going to make some Snap Clutches today! It's been a while since I went on my snap frame buying spree. I think I can now admit that I got WAY carried away with buying those. I've got a huge box of them and haven't touched them for months. I had a custom order for one, so I figured while I'm at it, I should make a few!

I also FINALLY figured out how to add this blog to Google Analytics so I can see how many hits it gets. I'm guessing not a lot, but if there's a surprising amount I might just do my first giveaway soon! We shall see...

Neosporin is the shizzzz. I've been slathering it onto my finger that I ran over with the sewing machine. It's looking amazingly better already! Way back when I waitressed I sliced this same finger while cutting broccoli and had some nerve damage, so it really doesn't hurt as bad as it should. Thank God for previous nerve damage!


Sarah_Momto4Boys said...

As always your work looks amazing! Glad your finger is feeling better and I'm excited to see how many hits your blog is getting.

Anonymous said...

Love the fabric & the zippers are so nice!.. Can you believe ive never attempted the zipper - zipperphobia i guess!.. like the button holes - the button holes and i dont have a very good relationship!.. Good luck with the finger!

ginifer119 said...

I NEEEDS IT!!! my precious.. I love the fabric, i love the zipper.

Delainie said...

Thanks Sarah!

Thanks Erika! I had zipperphobia for a long time too, now that I figured it out, they really are easy! Buttonholes and I still hate each other.

Haha Gini! Thanks! Someone snatched it up right away!