Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kid Smiles

She loves it, she really loves it! I knew she would, I was excited to see Ali's smiley little face today when I gave her her new bag! She promptly filled it with 'lipstuff' and gum, her 2 obsessions, and hasn't put it down yet!

I made the body for another mini-messenger bag like this, but the strap was just too difficult to sew on with my machine and still get it to look clean enough to sell, so Ali's is the only one I'm making till I figure something else out. I have an idea... just need to get some supplies. I already made the body of that bag into a notebook, so who knows? May never happen!

We've had some lovely weather around here. I always take too many pictures when it's sunny out since everything looks so bright and colorful. Obviously I took way too many pictures the other day becuase D wasn't havin it anymore! I wish there was audio for this one "Moooommmmm please stop it. When I say STOP I mean STOP!" Now where did he learn that line?

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