Friday, July 24, 2009


It has been a super long busy week! I've hardly been online, haven't made anything new for Etsy (a couple local and custom orders did get done at least), haven't finished cleaning my messy house, managed to lose 30+ Twitter followers, and I'm really not sure where my time has gone! If this is a taste of how life will be when the Big Dave goes to Korea next month I am in for it! I head up-north again this weekend, this time for a wedding! I'm looking forward to seeing my hubby again and party with some fun people! Cross your fingers that I get a little beach weather tomorrow morning!!

Found myself in this treasury today!! Thanks to Amy of Articulations for curating this lovely treasury! Some of the featured artists are from my Etsy West Michigan Team, and I must say, we sure are talented! And YAYY!! my little blue Slapdash Wallet is right next to yarn from Spazzy. I have a weakness for Spazzy yarns, I'm sure I've blogged about it before. It's so thick, scrumptious, and pretty! I have a skein that I got for Christmas last year. It's one of those too-pretty-to-use things and just sits at the top of my yarn stash. Hopefully I get more someday so maybe I can bring myself to use the first one!

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Wide Lawns said...

I have been obsessed with anything pale aqua lately. I love the brown birds with the aqua background and one of my favorite combinations ever is aqua and scarlet, like you have here. I have a turquoise top that I wear with a deep red glass bead necklace. It makes me feel energized and a little wild when I wear that combination.