Friday, August 14, 2009

The Game Masters.

Today I sewed. A lot. I'll post my great quilting success story sometime tomorrow when I get a decent picture!
I took a few breaks from my sewing today to do some fun stuff with my boy. Ok ok, some of it was only fun for me. We took a trip to the fabric store (my third trip there in 24 hours) and later met up with big Dave and Uncle John to go to the arcade.

We all zipped around the race track a couple times...

Uncle Jon proved he is the Ticket Master and King of Big Haul... we got a wooden snake, a squishy jelly frog whose brain pops out when you squeeze him, and a whoopie cushion with those 650 tickets. FYI He used ONE token to get that fat stack. The whoopie cushion was big fun as farts usually are. Mostly for the big kids. Jon and I sat outside a while and made sure every neighbor that walked by thought we were disgusting.

I should've taken a picture of the possessed air hockey table, but alas, I always forget the good stuff. For some reason it only counted about every other of big Dave's goals. It forced the win, 9-2, and it was awesome. A victory is still a victory in my book and I am the still reigning Queen of Air Hockey.


DesignsByLashelle said...

This was so fun to read, and that little guy looks so happy. How fun!

amy@articulations said...

Sounds like a great day :)