Sunday, September 27, 2009

From the Car?

Art Prize is awesome. From the moment I heard about it I knew it would be one of the greatest things to happen to Grand Rapids.

What is Art Prize? Art Prize is a chance for artists of any medium to show their work in a number of venues around Grand Rapids. There is art shown in the streets, on the sides of buildings, and inside tons of restaurants, shops, and other buildings around town. The winners are determined by registered public vote and the winner gets $250,000!!

Look at a view from above!* This isn't even all of it, just one tiny speck of downtown! People everywhere!!

I had to see Art Prize from the car today unfortunately. My son had an award-winning attitude so we decided not to get involved in that giant mass of people. I didn't get very many good pictures from the car. I did see this awesome building covered in flowers though!

If you are in the area you should definitely check out Art Prize! I hope it becomes an annual event. Cross your fingers that next weekend I actually get the chance to see some more amazing art!

I hear the artist of this piece is living on top of this splatter painted tower till Art Prize is over. I've never understood why people do these sort of things. Where's he supposed to poo at? Why is this my first wonder upon hearing about this?

To learn more about Art Prize click here.

Since we're on the 'from the car' picture trip...

I think whoever decided to do this...

...along US131 needs to head on up to GR and see something pretty. Because the design of this is just awful. Now I know it's not supposed to be art, but come on, could it be any uglier?! I know it's fairly hard to see as I was driving down the highway when I took it, but it is a metal fence on each side of the median. The posts are connected with metal cable. Ick. In a few years when this is all rusted and nasty it will just look worse.

From what I hear it was put up to stop cars from crossing the median and going into oncoming traffic. Now I know this does happen, but come on, how often? What about when the snow flies? I'm sure accidents from crossing the median are more prevalent then but where will the cars go now when they slide off? They will either stay on the road for the rest of us to hit or maneuver around or according to this video they'll be shot back into traffic big-cable-rubberband-style. You really only need to watch the first 6 seconds of that video to see how badly this could turn out. For those that do slide off, they won't just need a tow truck to yank them out of the ditch, they'll also need a body repair shop. That fence is going to %*&# some cars up. Also, wouldn't one ugly ass fence down the center work just as well and cost half as much? Seems like it'd give a little extra space when you're being thrown back by the cable.

Maybe it is good somehow for some states, but a state covered in ice and snow for a good majority of the year? I don't want my car to be the one shot out of the median like a slingshot that's for damn sure. Saying a prayer that I'm proven wrong about this being a bad idea this winter.

Ughhhh Michigan, if you didn't bring me things like Art Prize, northern MI beauty, and my family, I'd think you were trying to chase me away!

*Picture found on Twitter. Will give credit should I ever find you again...


Sara said...

Apparently the guy up on the platform was supposed to jump off today into a pile of cardboard boxes, but it was postponed for safety reasons. Well no duh it's going to be dangerous to jump off a 70' platform!

And agreed - the fencing on the highway is not a good idea. Especially 131, that thing is terrible in the winter.

On a positive note, glad you made it to ArtPrize, even from the car. I have to go yet!

Anonymous said...

Yes, isn't all that metal fencing just an eyesore - it's all along 96 too. Can't wait til winter when cars are skidding into it, then ricocheting back into traffic causing even bigger accidents. Good planning there . . . tax dollars hard at work.

Sarah_Momto4Boys said...

Oh I'm happy that you got to have this come to your town, definately seems right up your alley!