Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Finished Works... The Things That Keep Me Busy Lately...

Man I've been busy!! I went through a baby stuff stage where I just couldn't stop making pinafores, quilts, and bibs. Just can't stop. Here's the back of one of the pinafores I made. These are the cutest ever. I wish I could pull this off as an adult, it looks so comfy!! Not sure who this is for yet, but it will be gifted to one of my many pregnant friends. :)

This patchwork purse is fabulous! It is triple-stitched and double-interfaced with a quilted strap and a twist lock. This purse should survive the apocalyse. Or at least my friend Beth the Purse Destroyer. She beats the hell out of purses, so I took on this challenge. She's owned it for only 2 days so far, but I'm curious to see what sort of beating it takes. I'm hoping it works out for her since I may cry to see this many hours of hard work end in purse destruction. I'm not sure how she does this.

These were a gift to some friends for their bridal shower. They had registered for a fabulous chocolate brown super-soft blanket that I of course had to buy them. Then make them awesome pillows to match. I kinda love making patchwork pillows. Next time pillow forms are on sale I may get out of control. These turned out great and she loved them! Come to find out they reallllly needed some throw pillows too! Score one for Lane! They also unzip in the back for easy cleaning!

This quilt is a work in progress. Progress being that I cut the squares, put them in a ziploc, and let them sit here for a couple weeks. Motivation where are you? Asian prints. Funny ones, serious ones, hideous ones. I can say that since my sis is the one that picked them out. I'm not sure if I like this quilt. I promise you a quilt before the snow flies Sis! It WILL happen!

My part-time girl Ali had a birthday this weekend! She is all about princesses and Tinkerbell right now. I took her to the fabric store last Friday while my boy was in school and let her pick some things out. Who would've thought a 3 yo would have such grand ideas?! She's full of them! In the end, based on time, I was forced to choose the quickest project, which luckily she loves!! A fleece Tinkerbell pillow, with a zipper for easy washing. But I couldn't stop there. I used the extra/scraps to make her baby a pillow as well. She loves it!!

This is Egg-cellent! And I'm a dork. It does look like eggs though, right? Slightly larger than my Itty Bitty Pouches, but not much. Lined in blue. Fab. I looove this fabric. My sis recently moved to Lexington and keeps finding the BEST prints for me! It's like Christmas in my mailbox all the time. :)

Ladies ladies ladies. Another awesome fabric that my sis sent! Robert Kaufman, I love you. I just had to fit at least half a lady on a pouch. It's too cute not to!

So that's *some* of what I've been up to lately! More to come soon! I've got a pile of cozy legwarmers in the works today!


Mamacakes said...

My little girl would LOVE the pillows you made Ali, Tinkerbell and Princesses are her current Fave as well!

Anonymous said...

I love that Eggy bag!.. Great fabric!.. & the baby pinafore.. so cute..