Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Netbooks Are Awesome.

So my super fantastical sissy-poo bought me a netbook. I might've shouted my thanks from the rooftops already, but here I go again. I made my lil baby netbook a case. It's so darn cutesy-woo. Yes tiny things make me talk like this. Oh little wubba wubba netbooky baby, you are now safey-wafey in your new little casey.

Ugh I'm sickening. I can only do that so long.

Anyway, awesome netbook case is finished! I made it yesterday intending to sell it online, but unsure if that could happen since my sewing machine is still all jacked up. Of course, it turned out perfect so I don't want to part with it. My sis wants to see, so here I be. Using my blog purely to show her a pic, and hopefully embarrass her with that baby talk on here. I *know* people she knows read this. Yup, that's right y'all. We're related. She's stuck with me and all my nerdy glory. Love ya sis, thanks again!



Result = 1 super padded, super quilted, super fun, netbook case. Obviously I'm a little attached. I think I'll be keeping it for myself.


Anonymous said...

it is wonderful!.. love the quilting..
I made a baby quilt for a friend a few months ago.. and never actually did the "quilting" part with my machine.. usually just did tie knots to hold the layers together.. so what's the trick eh?.. b/c my quilting was a disaster! haha. Ripping stitches here and there trying to get it to be decent but it just didnt happen.. maybe it was the batting?.. in the end it turned out so pretty.. (as long as you didnt look long at the back)


Delainie said...

Hi Erika! How ya been?

Let me first say, I've never learned how to quilt, but this way works for me:

When I cut the back, I make it quite a bit bigger than the quilt top I don't pin anything. I start in the middle with my machine and work my way out, smoothing it out along the way. When it's all quilted I trim the edges and put the binding on. I use a natural cotton batting from JoAnn's. I can't remember the brand, sorry! It's a little rough on the outside so it kind of grips the fabric better than the super fluffy stuff. I used 2 layers on the netbook case.

I've been wanting to make a larger quilt and tie it like yours. Is there a trick to that? What should I use? Yarn? Do they hold up well in the wash?