Monday, September 1, 2008

3rd Shift, An Etsy Shout-out, and My Baby-phobia

I'm the worst at updating this blog.

Happy Labor Day! Why are holidays so much work? Isn't it supposed to be a day of rest? We had an excellent time, but D and I were on the go all day long. We hit up Danielle's lake for a bit and grilled at Shan's, I'm exhausted from way too much sun today. Came home to find my kitchen all smoky because Dave fell asleep with his dinner in the oven. 3rd shift sucks. Kitchen fires are only proving my point that this is just not going to work for a year. How do people do this?? I'm also having a hard time being quiet all day. That's just unnatural. I need music and loudness. I feel like I'm banishing my husband to the basement everyday so he can sleep and we can be loud. 3rd shift sucks.

Everytime I see the pic that I put on this blog, over there ---> I want to go shopping. Specifically at for some Bitty Swirls Earrings. My ears are too naked. I would post a pic of the Swirls, but the only one available would have to be stolen from her Etsy and I haven't even asked if she minds if I blog about her, so I'm not about to go stealing her pictures too :) ... so go to her Etsy store if ya wanna see. Don't blame me if you leave her shop B-R-O-K-E because everything in it is so freakin beautiful while being simple and fun too. Great prices, great products, great Etsy seller. I've bought these Bitty Swirl Earrings before, along with a custom order of 3 really neat curl earrings, and I'm about to buy more Bitty Swirls because I lost one. I'm an Etsy addict as many people know. I love selling there, and I love shopping there even more. There are not many shops that I frequent just to browse or with full intentions to shop there. I usually just happen upon things and drain my Paypal account on a whim because I have no self-control. Curlygirlglass is the ONLY Etsy shop that I check at least weekly for new stuff... I'm tellin ya GO FORTH AND SHOP -- HTTP://CURLYGIRLGLASS.ETSY.COM !! My apologies Curly for putting this after my '3rd shift rant.' :) PIC NOW ADDED WITH CURLY'S PERMISSION!! Now just look at these earrings! They are so simple and lovely and I NEEEEEEEEEED more!!

Lots of talk goin on around here again about a possible move to Philly. I think I need to take a trip there. I wish I could do it before it gets cold. I'm not going to like the place if I visit when it's cold, I don't like any place that's cold. I only like it here because the people I love live here. Philly will be full of strangers and cold and that scares me a bit. But then I get to thinking about this school and how awesome it would be to finally go to school for something I enjoy and am passionate about and Philly becomes a little less scary. WMU was an ill-timed joke full of confusion and stupidity (mostly on my behalf unfortunately) and I refuse to let this opportunity pass me by. But of course, school talk always leads into family talk and when I'm ever gonna pop out another bouncing bundle of poo and crying, not to mention spend endless weeks on bedrest. Don't get me wrong, I love my baby more than anything in the world, but he's going to be 4 soon and I am still not ready for those sleepless nights again, I don't want to not work, and I don't want to spend weeks in a hospital NICU with a too early baby wondering what the hell is going to happen next. Been there there, done that, it's not much fun. Is waiting till he's 10 really such a cruel thing to do to both kids, not to mention Dave (who acts like he's gonna be in a walker by the time a 2nd kid hits 1st grade because he's sooooooo old (riiiiight))? The whole decision process is making me feel really selfish. School or kid#2..... My gut tells me it's time to think about ME.

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Curly Girl Glass said...

Thanks for the wonderful shout-out Mz.D! You can steal a picture if you want. BTW: I went to school in Philly (a long time ago). My BFA is from Tyler. Good luck with your decision!