Friday, October 24, 2008

WooHooo I've got new....

Stuff on Etsy!! I had a bunch of fabric laying around and the pieces were really just too small for anything I really wanted to make, so they became coasters!

They turned out better than I expected, AND I actually enjoyed the quilting! Check out my Etsy for more detailed pics! It made me want to make a blanket. We'll see if that ever happens though!

Halloween is coming up and I'm so excited! I've made more Morton Salt Girl dresses lately than I care to think about. Who knew this would be such a popular costume?! I'm still amazed at how few adult costumes are on Etsy. If this continues next year I may just have to take over that market! I've been loving the challenges people have been sending my way! It's been a fun, but very busy, month. It's like Project Runway up in here! Only 14 things to make before Halloween- I had better get to it!

I finally got around to making another Toddler Backpack also. This time I was demanded to make one for girls. :) It turned out really cute! I probably should've made costumes instead since I have sucha huge list, but I don't know, this little cutie was cut out and ready to go so I just had to!

I'll have lots more new stuff and ramblings later... I just haven't blogged in a while so I figured I should! Happy Weekend Y'all! :)

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kim* said...

a toddler backback? HOW COOL