Monday, November 17, 2008

So much to catch up on! I'm going to load this post up with pictures, info, and an Etsy seller I found and love...
I'm thinking an Etsy shop, Myspace, Twitter, this blog, a couple jobs, a kid, some extra kids that aren't mine, and a social life are too much for me right now! It's hard to keep up with everything! Maybe now that it's snowy I will have more time as I am hibernating.

Speaking of snow... yesterday was what I'd call the first real snowfall of the year, and it's accumulating already. :( I spent a good chunk of my morning sitting in stand still traffic thanks to a semi accident. First day of snow and I'm already 45 min. late for work! It normally doesn't even take 45 min. to get there! Ugh snow. I haven't missed you.

October is over! I always thought October was my busy month, but until this year I had no idea! I made all kinds of costumes this year! From Little Red Riding Hood, to dinosaurs, to the Morton Salt Girl (with useable Morton Salt shaker purse and everything!)... and I'm finally done! I had 2 different costumes for Friday and Saturday night. Saturday's was my favorite (and of course the simplest- go figure!) It was perfect for a hillbilly field party where I knew no one. It was quite the hit!
To top that off, I also made my gown for the Marine Corp Ball this year since I like to work myself silly. Check it out, I love the color-blocking... and check out all those stripes going down my hubby's arm... oooh yeeeeaaaaahhhhh! He looked so handsome :) At the Ball I was treated to the lovely idea of moving to Germany for 2-3 yrs. Everyone there was trying to talk me into going and telling me I would love it. Now, this is one of my major pet peeves. How do you know I would love it? You don't even know me! I'm not the typical military wife and I'll be honest, I'm not super thrilled about being married to the military a lot of the time, so I'm guessing you don't know me, you don't know what I like, and you should stop trying to make up my mind for me. I'm not sold on Germany yet, but after some research it's grown on me a bit. I haven't given my full fledged "no way jose" answer to the Hub yet. Yet.

I did however do a little Etsy research on what's coming out of Germany in the line of handmade goods. I discovered a shop called blossombabies. This Etsy seller makes gorgeous Waldorf inspired baby dolls that look so beautiful and soft and squishy I'm half tempted to move to Germany just to someday meet this artist!
I'm in love. (Photo used with blossombabies permission!) It doesn't show in this pic, but this little baby even has a little hood. I'ma sucker for hoodies. Especially when miniature-sized. If you have a baby or one to shop for- visit blossombabies! While I haven't bought from her (yet), I will someday, and you should too!

I can't just talk about other's Etsy shops and not my own, that'd just be silly! :) I added a new item last week, just in time for winter! LEGWARMERS! They are so comfy too! Someday when I ever find the right winter boots, I will be able to comfortably tuck these non-bulky bad boys into my boots and be so super cozy warm. You could be too, check out the 5 I have listed in my shop!

I'm sure there's more I have to say, it'll have to be another time...

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