Saturday, January 3, 2009

Man Cave vs. Mantuary

I was directed to the site The Mantuary by it's "Founding Father" I think to imply that referring to my basement as the Man Cave is immasculating and unoriginal. Let it be known that I didn't name the Man Cave, and I don't watch HGTV. :) Reading this blog made me feel like I was snooping around in Man Land, but I was drawn in and even laughed a little. Really, you should check out his site. Show your hubbys. Then later write the Founding Father of the Mantuary and thank him for saving your marriage. Or me, since I figured this out long ago. I love the Man Cave. I don't care what the hell a man calls it as long as it exists. It lets me watch DVR'd episodes of Days of Our Lives while sitting on my own cozy couch, instead of being forced to watch endless hours of football. Or hockey. Or baseball. Or any other sports, is there something this man doesn't watch? It hides the empty pizza boxes, nasty chew spit bottles, and empty beer cans, that would otherwise be overtaking my kitchen and/or living room. In fact, it even has an entirely different smell than the rest of the house and that alone is enough to keep me out. The shouting at the TV and the obnoxious sound of video game mortar fire ensures that I will forever stay upstairs.

I have been known to join the boys downstairs, after a couple glasses of wine, for a rousing rendition of Cheeseburger in Paradise on Rock Band, but then I'm outta there!

I'm now left wondering if making a Man Cave sign to "decorate" the Man Cave is crossing a line in Man Land... so, Founding Father of Mantuaries, do I at least get some points for the woodburned sign? I tried to make it manly... and I promise not to decorate the Man Cave without explicit permission anymore. Haha.

A little more about the sign... I had such a great time designing this with Mary Lou Beyer of Hidden Gem Studios. I've known Mary Lou for a good long time, but this was my first excursion to The She Shack (oh yeah, us ladies need to get away sometimes too!) where I got to work on this great plaque. We had an excellent time and I'm so very impressed with how it turned out! Thanks again Mary Lou!

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