Saturday, January 3, 2009

Goodbye Holidays!

They took so long to get here, it's hard to believe they're over already! Goodbye Holidays!

My Leftover Family and Wayward Friends Christmas with my sis was a success! Our ham was yummy (thanks Mom!) and everything else was equally delish. It was so nice to see all of them and not have to run out after a couple hours to go visit more family.

Christmas Eve was extra special also. My Sis-in-law Kate snuck into town from Paris and it was lovely as always to see her. My Bro-in-law called us on that Skype video chat thing from Africa and we all crowded around the computer and opened presents with him. It was pretty fantastic how technology brings people together these days. I sure did get lucky with in-laws too!

I got spoiled :) My hubby got me a new laptop and I'm madly in love with it. It takes a third of the time to get Etsy stuff done now. I knew my old computer was old and slow, but wow - what a difference! I'm still getting used to the little touchpad thing instead of a mouse, but I'm gettin there. I want to show off the awesome plaque I had made for my Hub's Mancave, but all the pictures I took are at work, oops. That'll just have to wait.

BUT... with all this free time I'm not spending cussing out my computer, I needed a new project. I've been impatiently waiting for a fabric shipment so I've been putting off the sewing. In my boredom, I cleaned my closet (yet again, I think my fabric is partying at night in there, cuz whoa what a mess) and found an almost finished locker hooked rug. ALMOST DONE! So I dragged it out and finished it. I LOVE the colors. I LOVE the size. I even backed this one! It's beautiful and I just can't decide if I want to list it or keep it.

One thing I did figure out with this rug though was pricing. Between cutting fabric strips, rolling up giant balls of fabric, and then the actual rug construction and finishing, this rug took approxiamately 150 HOURS. After factoring in the cost of supplies and such, I make somewhere around 30 cents an hour to make a rug. 30 cents an hour?! I love every one of my rugs so much. They take me so long to make and turn out so soft, squishy, and beautiful. But I'm not going to give them away for a measly 30 cents an hour and I'm not going to jack the price up by hundreds of dollars to make it worth my time. I'm just going to be done with rugs. So here is the final (well maybe, I have one more unfinished rug left, but I may never finish that one) Locker Hooked Rug. It's been fun learning you new craft... it's too bad you can't be lucrative. I'm leaving you.


JodisCraftEmporium and More said...

gorgeous rug. I love the design.

Anonymous said...

Visiting via Etsy forums. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

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