Thursday, December 18, 2008

Come on Christmas!

I've been crocheting non-stop lately. I need to make something new, hats and legwarmers are getting way to monotonous. I did find a nice chunky yarn that works up fast though, instant gratification always makes things more fun for me! I'm just out of it for now. This is the beanie that I made with the last of it!

I'm so ready for Christmas to get here! I'm itchin to give Dave his present and then show it off to everyone! I don't want to give anything away... but I worked on it with an amazing local artist who's almost like family to me and it was SO much fun! I had to wrap it right away to control myself from showing everyone. It's a good feeling to give a gift that has so much meaning, especially considering the gifts I gave in recent years that included lots of socks, underwear, and slippers.

My sis and I's Christmas of family from all sides and wayward friends is on for sure :) I can't wait! Come onnnnn Christmas!

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SecretMe said...

you'll have to show us the gift you gave him, sounds great!