Sunday, December 14, 2008

Toot Toot!

Just in a toot-my-own-horn mood this weekend!
So this weekend sure went differently than planned! I thought I'd be hibernating and whining about having nothing to do again. Maybe crocheting till I feel like I have arthritis like last weekend. Instead I got to see Michelle and Bonnie and all the kidlets (missed you Liz!) and see a bunch of Dave's friends I hadn't seen in a while, made 4 online sales, a couple offline sales, been featured in 4 treasuries (that I know of), and featured on the front page of SearchHandmade! The treasury I linked to is all Kalamazoo artists so that's extra cool. Unfortunately the link is only good for a few days, but hey when it expires maybe someone else will feature me! Here's hoping! I'm up to 105 Etsy sales to 8 countries and 30 states! I've always loved selling my wares locally, but it's an exciting feeling to ship a pair of pants to Sweden, or Australia, or Germany, or whereever else. I just knew my Ninja Pants would be a big hit, I'm not the only one with claustrophobic ankles!! :) Now that I mention it, I really should go make some pants...

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