Thursday, December 11, 2008

Recycled Sweater Stockings!

Christmas Christmas Christmas. Feels like it's taking forever to get here! I can't find our stockings anywhere this year! So in an effort to end the boredom of being stuck in the house all day and solve the missing stocking problem, I whipped up a whole bunch of them from some old sweaters. Recycled sweater stockings are pretty fantastic if I may say so myself! I haven't decided which one I want yet since I'm partial to that cabled gray one, but since it was Erin's sweater I figured she should get that one. See, I finally am getting into the giving and generous Christmas spirit! :) These were SO easy! I suggest hand sewing if you make them yourself. The machine tugged the fabric too much making it all weird shaped and I had to re-do some and block the rest.

My Christmas tree is officially up! Dave and I lugged everything upstairs on Tuesday before he went to sleep for the day. Yes 3rd shift is still a horrible, awful, evil shift. As I tried to hang the first decoration of the season, I noticed how dusty my dining room light was. With the first touch to clean it, it came crashing down! It shattered all around David and I and amazingly he didn't get a scratch. Someone is surely looking out for that little boy. I got jabbed in the thigh and considered going in for stitches. But by the time I was done cleaning up the huge mess of broken glass (that not only fell onto the table, but also into the toys and decorations) I wasn't bleeding too bad anymore and decided a nap was more in order. I've got a bunch of little cuts and my leg still hurts a bit, but I'm still shocked that David didn't get hurt. He was really good about staying on the couch for 2 hours while I cleaned up that massive mess too!

I've done a bit of an Etsy overhaul lately. New banner and avatar (that I made myself this time!) and some brand new and updated listings. Here's a little taste:

Oh yeah, it's legwarmer season! I've been making them non-stop! I hate the cold, but I love the legwarmers!

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