Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Traditions, Legwarmers, and a Letter to Santa

Out with the old, in with the new! So after the unfulfilled feelings I had about my Thanksgiving celebration this year (not getting to see everyone, driving too much like every year, etc.), I marched my tiny-heinie over to my twin sissy's house and told her to clean that mess because we are having Christmas dinner there this year! I would have it at my house, but hers is bigger and closer for most that will be attending. I am truly grateful that she didn't tell me no. All I really want is family that can all get along and have a good time, to all be together for the holidays. Not so much to ask I think. So if people won't give me the holidays of the past, I will create my own traditions! I am anticipating the best Christmas ever this year and that is a much better feeling than the pulled-in-every-direction feeling I usually get this time of year. Enough about Christmas... it's still so far away I've barely begun shopping, haha!

These beauties kept me busy for about 3 days of snowy madness this week! I made them for a friend of a friend as a Christmas present to herself. Apparently she has left all artistic decisions up to me, so I hope I haven't let her down. They turned out so fantastic! I sure hope the girl loves them as much as I do!

I love love LOVE the color combination and the fit!

I altered the way I had been making the ties on the legwarmers this time around. I had been doing drawstrings before, now I figured a way to just build them into the legwarmer! Maybe this stems from my son's love of pulling every drawstring out of every hoodie I own, but I'm loving the new way. It looks so much cleaner to me. I've already had a few inquiries about custom legwarmers since I posted her pair as Reserved. I love doing custom orders! I'm about 1/3 done with another pair already!

I also think I finally figured out how to make crochet look ribbed like kntting can. This spawned a fabulous brand new legwarmer style/idea into my already project-filled brain. Hopefully it will stop snowing soon and I can dig my car out of the mountain of snow it's under and get to the store for some new fabulous yarn to bring my latest idea to life! Snow really makes me want to crochet for some reason. If only I had a fireplace to snuggle up next to while I work.

Dear Santa,
I haven't been THAT good this year... but I've been trying :) Please bring me yarn. Preferrably gorgeous, beautiful, handspun yarn like this one from Spazzy on Etsy. She has the prettiest yarn-y goodness in her shop. Ohhh the fiber gluttony! I want it ALL! That one's already sold but come on Santa, you're magic or something right? Hook. it. up. I would also settle for a gift certificate to that amazing yarn store on Oakland Dr., next to that restaurant I worked at... the one with the little white dog and the name I can't remember.
Thanks Santa!

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