Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ninja Pants. I miss making you. Someone buy some. Seriously. I was at a point where I had made SO MANY pairs of these pants (over 200 now! I'm like a 1-woman sweatshop!) that I never wanted to make them again. Then I didn't make any for 2 weeks and I wanna sell some Ninja Pants. I wanna ship em off to their new home and receive lots of "I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ninja Pants" e-mails. They're my fave e-mails to get. I'm hoping to offer my Ninja Pants in sweatshirt fleece in black, royal blue, gray, and maybe pink very soon! Christmas comes first... then I can obsessively buy fabric once again.

I wish I could just get a decent picture of these pants. I messed with the soft focus on this one, since you can't see the damn pants anyway, and while I think it's a neat pic, I don't think it'll sell any pants.

I've got some crazy-soft heather gray twill begging to be made into something today. What to do, what to do....

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