Sunday, February 22, 2009

2 Posts 1 Day Whoa!

I just found out I was on Etsy's Front Page yesterday!! Unfortunately it was when I was at The Strutt and had over half my shop inactive. What kind of timing is that?? I thought that if an item was inactive that it would be replaced with the alternate for that treasury? I don't know. Maybe I didn't have that Spare Pocket inactive? I had so many items with me yesterday that I don't even know. I should be happy I made the front page, but I just feel bummed that my 50+ most favorite items weren't even available. If I had sold a bunch of stuff at the show, I'd be less peeved. I should get over it and look at the bright side huh? I was featured in 2 treasuries and made 10 sales! I also learned a valuable lesson - bring my laptop to the show! It never occured to me that they'd have WiFi. I could've just made the couple things I sold inactive right there instead of deactivating everything. Doh!

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