Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He's got the fever... Dance Fever!

I was told it's time to blog! I had no idea that I wasn't just talking to myself here. I've actually been avoiding blogging this week. My Mom taught me that if I don't have anything nice to say then I shouldn't say anything at all. She thinks I don't listen to her, but I do. I've been too consumed by my crappy weekend to be able to blog (or talk about) this weekend without too much cussing.

I'll give the short version anyway...
I was soooo looking forward to a weekend with my boys. A couple friends of Dave's friends got married and it was a lovely wedding. We had a room for the night and I knew I was gonna be spending more time in said room than partying, since we had our wee one with us. Dave was amazing at Megan's wedding and I got to do my bridesmaid-ly duties without worrying about where my kiddo was, so I knew I was in for that job this time around. Davidino had the greatest time dancing at this reception! I just wish someone, ANYONE, would've told me that it wasn't a kid friendly wedding. He was the only kid there. That was fine since he behaved. However, after dancing a few hours, some crazy mean girl came and told me that she didn't want him on the dancefloor anymore. She apparently thought he was going to get stepped on and hurt. I'm all for people looking out for children's best interest. After all, it takes a village to raise a child they say. BUT, he was just having a good time. If he gets stepped on, he gets stepped on. I'm sure he'll be fine. I told her this and she yells at me "NO! I WANT HIM OFF THE DANCEFLOOR NOW!" Whoaaa lady, ok. Who are you again? You aren't in the wedding party and you and your 2 cronies are the only people on the floor. Can someone please explain why one 4 yr old is gettin your panties in a twist? Soon after, I convinced D that we should bring our party back to the hotel for some apple juice and fruit snacks.

This is becoming a long short version...
Apparently a bunch of wedding guests ended up at the bride and grooms room for a bit after the reception. I've always thought this was odd, but the last 2 weddings I've been to ended up that way. The difference being, when my best friend wanted everyone out she said "Delainie, as my best friend, get these drunks outta here" and I said "HEY They just got married and now they want ya out - so EVERYBODY OUT!" and ya know what? They got out! Amazing. My hub's friends on the other hand say "Why don't you guys order some pizza?" Then when they went to get the pizza from the front desk, they locked all their guests out of the room. The drunks scatter and my hub is stuck with $30 in unwanted pizza. Real cool.

It only gets better...
This guy I've heard many stories about was at this wedding. I've heard some real doozies about this one. Insanely stupid things he's done when drinking, to things that make me say "why are you friends with this guy?" He didn't disappoint. I woke up shirtless and partially uncovered, look over, and see this guy sleeping in our extra bed. WTH?! An hour later he covers the hotel room with vomit. Moves to the bathroom and gets that room too... we wouldn't want to miss a spot. I tell you, between my Ohio trip to see AJ and this trip, I'm probably blacklisted. If I never get a hotel room in my name again I really will not be that surprised. What happened to people either handling their liqour, or respecting the things that aren't theirs? I wouldn't go to your house and puke everywhere. Then again, I'm not a jackass. (Sorry AJ, love you... jackass!)

All I wanted was a morning with my Daves with no Xbox, computer, or anything else. Some hotel coffee and some cuddlin with my boys. It's just something that doesn't happen at home and I was really looking forward to it. Ok I'm done with my wedding rant. If you're getting married don't invite me. I'm done till Will gets married -- I'll go to that, I like him.

Ok enough on that...

I've recently joined Craftster again! I used to post on there before I had an Etsy shop, and I kinda missed it. There's so many things I make but don't sell or that never make it to Etsy and dangit, I wanna show them off! So I started posting there again. I've met a cool member, named Erika, or Craftsomnia, who I'm attempting to teach to Locker Hook through email. We'll see how that goes! I hope she finishes her rug because I'm dyin to see some others!! I think I have craftsomnia. That's why I always choose to sew rather than sleep. I blogged for ya today Erika! Sorry all I did was rant mostly :)

I've got some wallets to photograph... I should get to it. I let David pick the thread color for yesterday's Slapdash Wallets and he chose neon green! They are fun! They almost glow in the sunlight, the color is so bright! I like his style :) I plan on getting them listed at naptime!

I got some handmade paper at the Garage Sale Art Fair that I'm going to attempt to make thank you notes with as well today -- typewriter here I come! Hopefully I don't ruin all my pretty new paper!

Alli's tryin to chew my arm off... I think my time is done here! I promised them a thrilling game of Wii Bowling. I shall be back.... in less than a month haha! I think I should do a product testing post soon. I've got all kinds of cool new stuff that I've been tryin out. My hubby went on an As Seen on TV shopping spree the other day and I must share! I'll try to get to that soon!!


* said...

I saw your Yahoo status messages about the crappy wedding but HOLY COW! I had NOOOOO Idea!!! You deserve LOTS of Hugs!

Anonymous said...

At least you had an eventful weekend! ;)

chinamommy said...

wow... what a weekend!
found you on etsy, i'm there too- chinamommy
fun blog!! here's mine: