Thursday, March 5, 2009

Art Fair Finds!

Oh what to blog, what to blog...
I have been a busy mama! I've had LOTS of custom orders both online and locally, so I've been workin hard! I've got a couple new versions of wallets coming soon, with some tweeks done by request. I'm talkin checkbook wallets, zippered pockets, all the works! Here's a peek at the outside of one I made for a friend (see the inside) --

I hit up the Garage Sale Art Fair last weekend! It was great, but busier than crap, I usually go near the end of it when the prices are super low... I'm cheap... I know this. But I had to go to it before that wedding I blogged about earlier.

I got some great pottery from some guy named Tanja. I picked up a big cup and a planter. His work looked so familiar! I found out later that I have a bunch of his pieces that I've gotten from friends or around town over the years! Hopefully I can get something to grow in the planter. I don't have a green thumb, mine is surely black. Or dead and brown. I also got another genie bottle style vase for my collection. I should get a picture, it's fantastic! I wish I had a realllly long shelf that I could put them all on! You readin this Dad? My bday is coming up fast :) Shelf, shelf, shelf...

I also got some perfect handmade paper. I think it's truly insane to take all that time to make paper, then sell it for as little as they were, but who am I to judge? I love it and my friend and I bought up 4 rolls. Now I wish I had more. I used my boss's typewriter and spent Weds. afternoon typing tons and tons and tons of hangtags and thank you notes. I have always loved the way a typewriters typing looks. It's so much more fun to use than a computer as well. I think I had about 150 tags when I was done and I still have a whole roll of paper left!

My has-to-be-next project is Bonnie's diaper bag! I've thought about it everyday but I just haven't had the time with all the other orders I've had. She picked some fabulous Micheal Miller fabric and a fun, HUGE style! I want to get started on it sooooo bad! I was making Slapdash Wallets the other night, so I whipped up a wallet in the colors she chose, as motivation to once again make something pink. This is what I came up with --

The inside has the black and white damask and pink pockets. My opinion? Needs less pink. Needs more of every other color like my other wallets! :) BUT, it's for one of my very favorite people and it's exactly what she wants. I'm super happy to be making her dream bag! Now, I just need to make the time to make it! I have a feeling I'm going to have a real late night on Friday and very busy day on Saturday. Must. Get. Bon's. Bag. DONE.


Anonymous said...

Whoa what is this.. 2 posts! haha watch out mama's on a roll!.. Love the wallets.. and the tags.. haha remember when you would have to get out that good ol white out with the type writers.. and then your whole paper would look like crap?! Good luck on the bag!! You are definately accomplishing more than I!

Cand said...

I LOVE the new wallet. You'll be listing more on Etsy...right?????

Delainie said...

Once I start blabbering I just can't stop @ Erika! I messed up plenty of the tags and the typewriter is electric, and shows you what you typed before it types it, so explain that one! LOL

@Cand -- They've been a big hit so far, so I'm planning on making a couple more after I finish my custom orders this weekend!