Saturday, March 7, 2009


What'd you do this weekend? I got half of Bon's bag done (yayyy!). I would have it all done, but I bought the wrong length zipper at the store last night. I needed a 7" zipper in any color but pink and an 18" zipper in pink. My little lovely David was such a peach yesterday that with all his in-store whining I ended up with a 7" pink zipper, completely forgetting that I needed 2. So I'm stuck at the zipper installation point of Bon's bag and can't move on till I go back to the store. Once again Bon's bag is being pushed aside for other projects. (Sorry Bon!) I had 2 custom orders to get to today as well. Luckily I managed to dig a black zipper out of my collection that worked great for this one!

I LOOOOVE how this turned out! The colors are perfect and the zipper is perfect! I even lined up the stripe! I think maybe I don't give myself enough credit because I thought for sure I'd screw this up. It was my only zipper, and the only piece of that swirly fabric that I had left. I was kinda hoping my buyer would hate it so I could keep it! :) I just had to share... I'm off to Etsy to search for zippers so I can make a billion more of these. I guess my next one will have to be pink so I can put that 7" zipper to use.

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Anonymous said...

Great one!.. Love the colors.. I know all about the in-store & outta store whining!... Hope you had a good weekend!