Sunday, March 8, 2009

I have a lot to say when there's nothing to distract me...

I have no internet, cable, or phone right now. Boring. We barely had a storm! I didn't realize how much I depend on these 3 things for entertainment while I'm avoiding working. I am lame huh? When I type in notepad my cursor never moves to the next row, I just type in one horrendously long line. Annoying. Anyway, I have nothing else to do since I can't sew for another second, so I figured I'd write a blog and post it in the morning. Oooh fixed the long line problem. Score 1 for Lane.

I've tried lots of new products lately so I decided to do a product review! I don't know why I tried all this crap... I think boredom. I need summertime, I can't take anymore of this hibernating!

(**Warning... most of the product sites I link to have videos on them that play automatically. I don't need to help Vince the Shamwow Guy give anyone a heart attack like he just did to me...)

My hubby went on a As Seen On TV spree a couple weeks ago. Let me tell ya, if you don't want anyone to spill in your house, buy a Shamwow. I have a 4 yr. old, I deal with spills daily. Bought a Shamwow, wanted to test it, he didn't spill. For over a week! I'm not the type to make a mess just to clean it up, that's crazy. So I waited. I finally got to use it! It works pretty well, but I'm not sure it's all that much better than a few paper towels. I like that there is no waste though. I was told that they work better once they've been washed, so I'm going to try that and retest them. A couple days ago I was trapped in the shower with no towel. I begged and begged my son to get me a towel and he flat out refused. Isn't that sweet of him? He's just so full of piss and vinegar lately. (Wow, I really do sound like my Mom now!) I wrapped a Shamwow around my head and let me tell you, it works GREAT for a hair towel. If only they were bigger so it'd fit around my big melon. I think I will sew 2 together and use them for that. It cut my drying time in half. I wonder if it's good for your hair to suck all the water out like that? In the end, Shamwow gets 2 thumbs-up from me.

The next thing I tested was the Smooth Away. I'm sure you've seen the commercials. They claim it'll make the hairiest of hairballs hairless. Maybe if you've got a month to spare rubbin yourself. I tried it on my arm since my legs weren't hairy for once. Much like the Shamwow and spills, if you want your leg hair to magically stop growing, get yourself a Smooth Away! I'm so glad I tried it on my arm first. It took forever, but it doesn't lie! It did take the hair off and it was completely painless. It just took forever. Then I had to do my other arm so they matched. Now my arms look weird and hairless. They are SO soft though! There's still a few patches, but I'm impatient. No ones gonna notice a few stray hairs... especially since it's really too cold here for short sleeves still. I think my goofy hairless arms are much more noticeable. Oh the things I do when I'm bored. Lets hope it grows back fine instead of like leg hair. And soon. Before Tshirt weather! I also tried the mini Smooth Away on my upper lip. There's no abundance of hair there, but my arms aren't very sensitive so I wanted to try another spot and see if it's still pain free. Maybe I'm a masochist? That'd explain my giant tattoo I guess... Anyway, I don't suggest using this on your face. A few minutes after using it my lip hurt. Kinda bad too. In fact, that was over 2 hours ago and it's still a bit tingly with pain. Based on that trial, there's no freakin way I'm tryin that thing on my bikini line like it claims it's great for. I've concluded, if you have a hankerin to shave your arms, get a Smooth Away- thumbs-up! If you have a mustache, find a different solution. There's gotta be better options. If you have a lot of spare time and really want to give yourself a shoulder cramp, get a Smooth Away for your legs! Result: I'm impatient. It works if you are patient.

The next thing I tested just seems kinda nasty. The Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser. If you say you've got perfect skin, then stop reading because I secretly hate you. If you want to shrink your pores and clear your skin, keep reading, because this got 2 thumbs-up!! Basically, it's a vibrator for your face. You attach a little pad, get it wet, turn it on, and 'erase' away your blemishes. Now, I'm not going to tell you that I'm now sitting here with perfect porcelain Nicole Kidman skin (only in my fantasy land... my sister calls this place Lainie-land) but it is VERY noticeably clearer!! I think it worked great! My skin is too sensitive to use a salicylic cleanser daily, but I've used it about every 3 days for the past week or so and I plan to continue that regimen forever if I must. I love the thing. It's a great exfoliator. It's waterproof too, so you can wash your face in the shower with it! No more splashing water all over the bathroom counter while trying to wash my face! No more silly headbands to keep my hair up too- come on ladies- they're so sexy ya know. At $20 I was iffy on buying it, but after some hunting online I found a $5 off coupon. I'll pay $15 for clearer skin for sure. Hell, I was going to use my spa gift card that I got for Xmas and spend $85 on a single facial. No more! I wish some of this crap existed when I was 16.

Item #3-- CoverGirl Bronzer. Ick. Yuck. Plug your nose. The color was pretty natural but omg the smell. It was like I spritzed myself in the face with perfume. I made a few of my guy friends sniff my face and they agreed - it's icky and they wouldn't want their women wearing it. The brush, like every other brush I've ever tried that came with any other makeup sucks too. I used a big fluffy one and my face thanks me. The most makeup I ever wear is a little bronzer and mascara, and some eyeliner if I'm feelin frisky, so maybe I'm not the one to be offering makeup advice. All in all, CG got a resounding 7 thumbs-down, and one thumbs-up from the guy that said it made me look prettier even if I smell funny. Thanks dude.

Neutrogena Micro Mist Airbrush Sunless Tanning Spray- not bad! I used to fry myself in a tanning bed. Mmm it feels so good to me to lay there and bake. It's one of the few times I ever really feel warm. I'm always freezing. I could lay there all day if it didn't crispy fry me. I've only used a tanning bed a handful of times in the past 5 years, mainly because I'm too cheap to pay for it and I never can get out of the house alone unless it's late at night. But really, I don't like being pale. In the summer it's no biggie, since I step outside and 5 minutes later I've got tan lines. In the winter my olive skin gets pale and I think I look kinda... green. (Dave guarantees this is all in my head.) So I figured I'd give this a shot. If nothing else, I'd have a funny story about how I had thick orange tiger stripes all over me. Instead, it actually worked!! It wasn't at all streaky (I did lightly rub it in like the directions say not to, but I wasn't taking any chances). It does say to use in a well ventilated area. My bathroom has no windows and is hardly what I'd call well-ventilated. I don't think my neighbors would appreciate it if I hopped into the backyard nekkid for a quick spraydown though, so I sprayed away in the bathroom. The fumes are pretty strong. It dried really fast and color appeared pretty quickly also, with NO orangeness. It was kinda pricey compared to some other brands, but I've always liked Neutrogena products, so I spent the $2-3 extra for it. I Googled and found some horrid reviews on this stuff, so maybe I'm just weird. But I was reminded to say, it does feel kinda sticky for a while after you put it on. Do it at night, sit around naked for while. (This is my solution to a lot or things- ha!) I give it a thumbs-up and I'll buy it again.

This post is getting crazy long so I'm going to shorten the last items up...

--Meijer Brand Spiral Mac N Cheese is just as good, if not better, than Kraft. Eat it up.

--Spot Shot is less than $3 at Walmart and took a coffee stain out of my beige carpet that had been there for well over a month. Worth every penny. Thank you to the super sweet saleslady at Walmart that told me to buy this and not the more expensive brands I was also looking at.

--Athenos Garlic Hummus is yum. So is Basha Garlic Lovers Hommus. What's the difference between Hommus and Hummus? All I can find is that no one at my grocery store buys Hommus but they buy up all the Hummus like mad so I'm forced to buy Hommus and hope it's just as good. It is. On everything.

--Arby's New Roast Burger. They were free with a drink purchase today. Free! So instead of cooking dinner, I let my hub eat leftovers and my kid have a PB&J and I snuck away and got myself Arby's. I needed out of this house and away from people for a minute. I tried the Bacon and Blue Cheese Burger, since everythings better with bacon and blue cheese. It wasn't bad, but I'm glad it was free. Honestly, Arby's roast beef is so yummy that they don't need to add all that junk to it. There was some kind of unnecessary seasoning that I couldn't really taste through the blue cheese. Result- I'll eat it if it's free, but I won't be ordering it next time. It didn't suck.

--PedEgg- thumbs-up! I tried this a while back, but I might as well rate it too. Makes my arm tired, but they make one with a handle now and I think that'd make it easier. Works great but gets dull fast. Not sure if you can buy new blades at the store or if you have to buy them online. My son tried using it tonight and I told him that it's not for his beautiful soft baby feet. To that he answered "Nope, it's for Mom's BIIIG feet!" At least he didn't call them big nasty feet I suppose, lol.

I sure can go on for days huh? So, we've learned that I'm mildy skin obsessed, eat like shit, and have an opinion on everything. I should go cut out some pants. I've got some great goodies to share soon! Bon's bag is close to done, and "Gini's Bonnaroo Bag" along with another similar messenger bag are both done (and FANTASTIC!). The Bonnaroo Bag is similar to the Slapdash items I've been offering lately and OMG they turned out so colorful and fun! Perfect for festival season. OOOooooh festival season, how I miss thee. Get warm already Michigan. NOW. I need to kick off my shoes and dance in the grass to some Greensky (play it really teensy way down at the bottom of the page I linked to).

Since my internet came back on as soon as I finished writing this, I decided to put off sleeping even further and get a quick pic of the Bonnaroo Bags - aren't they fun?!


Cand said...

Its absolutely fine to use a Shamwow on your hair! It's actually bunch better to suck out that water rather than to dry it with a hair dryer.

You can buy ped egg blades in stores. I saw them just last week at Kohls.

Love the Bonaroo bag. How I miss festival season! I used to follow fish about 10 years ago. Just saying that mes me feel old.

Delainie said...

Thanks Cand- I figured the same thing about the Shamwow. Better than frying it I'm sure!

Did you know Phish is back? A friend of mine saw them this past weekend!

I love love love local festivals!

ginifer119 said...

The Shamwow guy is just freakin creepy on a whole other level of creep.

I have used the smoothe away (I'm a hairy girl lol) and it DOES make your skin super smooth but it takes FOREVER to get the hair off. Plus it burns.

I LOVE the Bonnaroo bags! I can't wait! Phish is playing 2 shows at Roo this year. They are starting the festival off on Thursday and shutting it down on Sunday night at 3am. I'm so excited!!! HURRY UP JUNE!

Sarah_Momto4Boys said...

I love your reviews lol. You are so silly, but it's great, real person information. The commercials never tell you "it will buff away your hair on your legs but not until your arms fall off from rubbing so long" haha. I will definately keep following your blog. Good luck with your bags!

Katherine Sews said...

How fun that you will be at Bonnaroo- I am going too. Are you vending big time, or just here and there?
Would love to check out your stuff. Your blog is fun to read, and also, I LOVE your patchwork!!!

Katherine Accettura

Delainie said...

Thanks Katherine! Have fun at Bonnaroo! I won't actually be going, just in spirit! That great blue bag will most likely be going though- that lucky bag! I'm hoping for next year though!

Anonymous said...

haha wow so this posting stuff you're on a roll! ;)

Love the reviews.. I always wonder how well the stuff works.. I think i need to go get one of those porcelaine face makers!.. PedEggs.. oh they make my heels crack worse than they already are and then i regret using them for a week and a half afterwards when it kills to walk!

I think ill stick to the razor instead of the smoothaway.. I would probably get sick of doing it half way through!

Arby's.. havent been there in forever.. but love the 5 for $5 cheddar melts.. oh they are so delish!

Cant wait to see your bag when you're done with it!.. Do you serge your clothes?..