Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Tuesday and you ain't got shit to do...

I hate the word "ain't", yet sometimes I can't stop myself from saying it. I love the word "shit", for so many reasons. It's just so ... useable. It's my day off and I'm once again in hibernation mode. I feel a sickness coming on. By tomorrow I hope I can breathe. At the moment I'm thinking tomorrow will not be good. So as much as I tried to lay low and relax today, I of course trashed my living room with a mess of fabric and sewing stuff. Why is it that my own messes don't bother me, yet everyone else's do? In the words of my twin sis... I don't annoy me.

It's official. I'm obsessed with frame purses. I have made a ton of them so far and spent a small fortune on more frames that are being shipped from Thailand right now. I satisfied my urge to make more purses while waiting for my shipment, by picking up a couple clutches that were on clearance at some random mall store. Lucky for me these clutches were put together so shitty that I merely pulled the purse out of the frame with very little effort and didn't have to mess with any glue removal or anything. Score! Inspired by my Slapdash Scrappies Wallets I whipped up this gorgeous and funky clutch of my very own! I'm loving the color combos and the versatility. I can't stop looking it it. It's a freakin fantastic clutch. That said... check out it's innards:

That's 8 card pockets, a lined zippered pocket, an open pocket, and 9 different fabrics!!I'm so damn proud I can't stop staring at it. So after making one, cleaning up all of my mess, posting it all over to show it off and blah blah blah, I got everything out again and made another equally fantastic clutch! I used basically the same fabrics, just in different combinations. I just need to photograph it tomorrow and get it listed. Now I'm back to impatiently waiting for the other frames I ordered. I may have to make my way back to the mall and get myself a few more to tide me over.

I should quit staring at my purse and get some sleep... maybe I'll blog again about the new one in the morning. :) Goodnight!

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