Saturday, February 7, 2009

It Was a Soggy Saturday...

It's 2pm. Pantlegs soaked up to my knees. It felt like there was a cold, wet sponge in each of my boots. Oh the things I do for a dose of sunshine and a craft show! Gotta love the Michigan melty season. It sounded like it was raining all day. I love when the snow melts! I saw grass today! Grass!! Beautiful, green, soggy grass!

Eventually we made it downtown to the art show we wanted to see. We got there a little early, hopefully before everyone set up, since there wasn't much going on. We decided on a table 2 weeks from now and I can't wait! I haven't done a show in so long! The last shows I did I was selling clothes and Ninja Pants, and this time around I'm doing things a little different. My Slapdash Wallets and Clutches have been pretty popular locally, along with my coasters and Button Wallets. There's so many ideas in my head of all the things I want to make. I'm thinking Slapdash Messenger Bags, Spare Pockets, maybe even pillow covers. Or lampshades. So many ideas, so little time!

Soooo, after the craft show, we took our happy soggy selves to the Salvation Army. We pulled in and thought "wow, this place is hoppin for a Saturday afternoon." 15 satisfying shopping minutes later the trip took a turn. The loudspeaker lady announces that Saturday Night Madness has now begun. Let the thrift store craziness ensue! As the mad dash to the registers began I got into line with my 4 items. Right behind a lady with 3 carts. 3 CARTS! THREE!! Normally I'd have taken a second look at the items I was buying, deciding if I needed them. I had to wait, I had to have it. I found 2 giant wooden plates, I think they are called chargers? To go under plates or something. I never understood the concept really. But anyway... 2 big chargers to display my wallets on at shows = less than $8. Not the best deal, but they are in absolutely flawless condition and I just don't have the time to go hunting for something that would work better, because they were already perfect. I also found a shallow but pretty big, light-colored wooden basket to maybe display more wallets in, who knows? It was in good shape so I bought it. I also found a big yellow coffee mug that all but screamed "BUY ME!" for a mere 69 cents. Now, there's a tie for the best item found all day. I came across a double-snap purse frame for ONLY 99 cents! Knowing how obsessed I've been with my purse frames lately, that really made my day. BUT, then Erin my shoppin buddy found... of all things... a bluegrass record, the name I forgot now and I hate myself a little for it, and for not getting a pic... with all 4 guys in pretty pink ruffled tuxedos and cumberbunds and all. LMAO! It was too funny. We just had to buy it and hear it and then maybe send the pic off to the Greensky Bluegrass boys, since they'd probably get a kick out of it. Maybe they'd find some ruffly tux's for next NYE! I wish I had the pic!! I tried Googling it, but I'm guessing the Bluegrass Union High or whatever cheeseball name it had never made it to the World Wide Web. I love crazy record covers.

All in all, it was a really good day of shopping and finally walking somewhere instead of driving. Aside from the fact that my feet were sopping wet this entire time. Pruney little raisin toes for hours. Oh yeah, I also got 2 slices of Martini's pizza this afternoon too! MMM MMM MMMM! And my waitress recognized my purse from Etsy where she's shopped my site before, and come to find out we had more than a few mutual friends! It was a real cool small-world moment.

Last but certainly not least...

Happy Birthday Mommers!! I love you!

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