Monday, February 9, 2009

Yeah I called you a Twit...

Ok, so a while back I joined Twitter. It was all the rage among the Etsy forums and I thought, hey, what the hell? I only have 768976098707 things to do each day, what's one more? I don't regret it! Some days I'll send a Tweet asking a question to my 200+ followers and get zero answers. Some days I'll get a bunch of responses. It's an odd little social community. Today I lost more than a handful of followers and was left wondering if I need an e-shower or something. Do I stink? What's the deal? Then as I was clicking away on links my fellow Twits posted (yes I call em Twits, everyone else seems to avoid that word, though I don't know why since you're limited to 140 characters) and found this gem of a blog post from JennaDesigns! I've met a few sweet, talented crafters on Twitter, and Jenna is definetely one of them! She's uber-talented in many ways -- photography, sewing, sometimes even sewing photos she's taken onto other things! Not to mention, she's friendly, beautiful (not that that matters, but check out her avatar, I'm not lyin!), and sure knows how to pick em - like me! haha! I've had a long, loooong day and finding this blog sure was an excellent way to end the night! I sure hope Jenna digs that serger out and gives it a shot. I remember when my stepmom-in-law got a new sewing/embroidery machine even though she hadn't used one before. She kept telling me that it was sitting in her dining room still in the box and I couldn't help but have a physical reaction to hearing that. TAKE IT OUT! USE IT! If ya don't want to, I will! Well, my stepmom-in-law finally took my advice and she made me a lovely 12 Days of Christmas hanging that she quilted all by herself - AND she had a great time once she got over her fear of the machine. I did have a little problem with taking the first item she had made, but maybe that's just because I want to keep everything I make, especially if it's the first of its kind! :) So Jenna, I say to you, keep your fingers away from the blade and stitch away my dear! Because I'm itchin to see what you create!

I whipped up a huge pile of wallets this weekend... sleep is entirely overrated. So far I've only numbered them instead of named them. I really want to name them Fred, Joe, Bob, Sue, etc. I can't explain why. Sometimes even I think I'm too weird!

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Jen said...

Aw... thank you so much for the kind words, they too make my night!

I will get that stinkin serger out and try it - I have read the manual twice now... :) And I will definitely show you pictures when I'm done! Though in order to do the cuffs, I'm going to have to tackle either button holes or magnetic snaps (neither of which I've tried yet!). Challenges are good, right? They're what make you grow as a person, and as a crafter (yeah, I'll just keep telling myself that!).