Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blast Off!

Oh rocket fabric, how I love thee. I got this fabric on Etsy without having a clue what I'd do with it. One edge of it has BIG rockets, so I haven't cut into that end yet. I'm thinking it would make a really awesome messenger bag. I've never been into rockets, I can't explain why this appeals to me so much. It's just fun and pretty. And the Zip Wallets I've made with it are fabulous. In fact, they are so cool that I had to make 3 of them all almost identical. Obsessed much?

My birthday is coming sooooon! I've been eyeballing this necklace from Verre Encore on Etsy for an eternity. I was being cheap though so I hadn't bought it. Then it occured to me how much I spent on myself last year for my birthday, when I bought that monstrous tattoo for myself. After realizing that, yeah I went and bought the necklace. Early too, since I wanted it in time for my birthday. Well I GOT IT! and it's FANTASTIC! I thought it would be more orangey, but the listing did say colors can vary. Either way, I really love it and now I wish I had bought 2. This will be my next piece. And I'm thinkin it can't wait till my birthday either. Enough about my retail therapy.

I spent SO MUCH of my day yesterday researching the use of images. If I'm understanding correctly, all of my product images are protected by the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA). So this site using my images is doing so illegally. My friend Lee read the site to me yesterday and let me know everything it said, including the things I wasn't able to translate myself. I was right, they do have a tutorial posted on how to make wallets. The tutorial really isn't anything like how I make my wallets and would really make an inferior product. So I don't want my images representing them. I've decided I don't care if they keep the tutorial up or take it down, just remove my pictures and I'll be happy. I'm writing up a letter to the blog owner that Lee said he would rewrite in Spanish for me. He's even on vacation and he's still gonna help me out, isn't he the best? Now that I know I'll be able to communicate with this site, I'm a lot less frustrated with the whole thing.

This post is so random.

I've got another product review! I couldn't do this with the rest because it took a week to test. Debbie Meyer Green Bags are the shit. I put my bananas in one last week and they are still yellow 8 days later. I learned that you shouldn't put your bananas in there until they are the ripeness you like them at because they will stay however ripe they are once you put them in the bag. I also needed to wipe the condensation out each day, so they are slightly more high maintenance than I expected. But my bananas have lasted WAY longer than usual! Thumbs up on this one! As Seen on TV rules.

My arms are prickly. Dang you Smooth Away. I look silly.

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Anonymous said...

Wow your new wallets are sssoo cute!.. The rockets are fun!.. You always seem to get so much accomplished.. Im envious!.. By the end of the day with the kids I just want to crash!..
The necklace you bought is really nice!.. much cheaper than the tat!.. but the tatoo looks gorgeous.. and will be with you forever!
Good luck getting your images down.. I would hope they would take them down - thank goodness someone even brought it to your attention...they're not allowed to use them, but i would imagine if they dont cooperate most people wouldnt want to put the time & money in to getting it taken care of, im sure there are more that get away with it than there should be..
Thanks for the review on the bags.. one day the kids love bananas the next they want nothing to do with them & they end up mush before theyre interested in them again...
Good luck with the prickle!