Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gift Guides, Treasuries, and Sales, Oh My!

I'm in an Etsy Gift Guide! The Travel Gift Guide! Not the first place I'd have looked, but I just found out today and I'm excited about it! I've been working so hard on getting my photos better and making my shop more streamlined, while still presenting my somewhat crazy random style. I guess it's paying off! The pic is just a screenshot, click here if you want to view the whole Gift Guide!

I was also featured in a treasury curated by the lovely MariaSoleil of my Etsy West Michigan Team! There's so much talent going on in MI! Since I could only get a screenshot and not an EtsyMini I'm going to link to all the shops shown here, in order:
I apologize to the other 3 artists/items in this treasury, I am computer challenged. I could only get a screenshot of this much. Sorry!

I listed a few more wallets tonight, and made 2 sales. Maybe listing daily really is key?

It's midnight, I must sleep. I just wanted to share! Goodnight!

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rachellovespeace said...

thats awesome. i love browsing the guides. :)