Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday Glorious Monday!

It's Sunday, I know. But this Monday is my day of reckoning! I won't be blogging since I promised the kidlets I would have a computer free day. I've been so busy with Etsy and promoting and blogging and all the other things online that sidetrack me, I thought it was time we had a technology free day. When I told them this they seemed so excited that it made me kind of sad. I don't mean to work so much, that's just the way it is lately. *sigh*

Other than a day with Davidino and The Allister, why is Monday to be so glorious? Read on!

It's been a lot of years... actually as many years as I can remember since moving out of my parents house... that I've been paying on credit cards. I was 18, living in the dorms, broke and jobless. So what did I NEEEED? A credit card of course. I mean come on, it came with a free tshirt and a 10-pack of Reeses PB Cups! It was probably laundry day and I was likely PMS-ing. How could I say no to that? Apparently in my own teenage stupidity, I couldn't say no. And what a shopping spree that was too! I remember my first credit card purchase - a huge papasan chair! It was so comfy! We'd all fight over who got to sit there, and we'd all laugh when someone fell out of it (which happened quiet often). Now it sits in my basement unused and in need of a serious cleaning. Now that I mention it, I bet it would look amazing if I slapdash it up with all my fabric scraps! I knew I was keeping it for something...

Anyway, the point of this post is to express how THRILLED I am, that come tomorrow morning when my last payment comes out - I am officially out of credit card debt!! WOOHOOO!!! Of course I've still got school loans, and all the crap insurance didn't cover when my son was born, but that's so miniscule compared to the burden my credit card debt has caused me. And I can finally put a dent in that as well now. I had my debt consolidator print out a summary of every payment I've made to them over the past 6 or so years also. I'm afraid to look at it, and probably won't for a long time. I thought it would be good to have on hand when my son is older and wants a credit card though. I wish my parents had been more upfront about the seriousness of credit. I learned that lesson the long, hard way. I have no qualms about telling my son "Listen, Mom was a dumbass, and I don't want you to be one too." Now it's OVER! I'm ALL DONE! I want to shout it from the rooftops!

Look what David found in his closet yesterday!

That is the very first "real" patchwork piece I ever made. It's actually a wrap skirt. I love the colors and patch placement, but my finishing work sucked. ie. the bottom band of olive green that just doesn't stay laying flat and the ties are too short. I never wear it and because of the defects, I'd never sell it. David's been walking around all wrapped up in it. I'm thinking I might cut it up and make it into a blanket instead. I've always wanted a patchwork lap quilt for my couch. Or back it with some minky and give D a skirt shaped blanket. Who knows? I'm also tossing around the idea of a patchwork Snuggie! Yes, yes I am that nerdy.

What other exciting things are going on? Wellllll, I will be 28 on Saturday! In an earlier post I talked about this necklace I bought myself for my early birthday gift. I'm the type of person to celebrate my birthday all week long, making sure no one forgets I'm Queen of the Week. I'm sure it's super annoying, but like my sis says- "I don't annoy me." So last night in a sleepy, excited for Monday state, I picked up this necklace as well! What? It's my birthday week. I lack self control.

Spring Break is next week so I get a nice chunk of time off of work! I love my job and I miss those kids when I don't have them, but I also love sleeping past 630am. I will never, and have never, been a morning person. I've got trips to my Dads place and hopefully Ohio in the works! Oberon, my favorite local seasonal brew comes out Monday too! Vacation starts Weds. at 6pm!


MariaSoleil said...

too funny about the college credit card sign-up. i signed my life away for a huge Symphony candy bar. I wonder how many hundreds of dollars that thing ended up costing me!

Sarah_Momto4Boys said...

Congrats on finally getting out from that credit card debt! What a huge weight off your shoulders. Man, I look at all your projects and drool. I dont know how to sew, I want to SOOOOOO bad. I have a machine that I've never taken out of the box. I want to make so many things for the boys I have a list! I wish you were my neighbor so I could come over and bug you for sewing lessons...maybe it's lucky for you that you live so far away hehe. I'll miss ya for your tech free day but have fun with those kiddos and I will talk to you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I think we've all had the credit card debt.. and look back on the stupid things the money was spent on.. Eck!.. But congrats on getting the monkey off your back!.. The patchwork is so cute.. would be a great little blanket!

LoveCreations24 said...

Oh my - I can't tell you how many college t-shirts, hats and knick knacks I have from signing up for those things! Thankfully I never actually used them and have never actually had a credit card in my life - me nor hubby. We've made it this long - hopefully we can make it much longer! And I know what you mean about debt - they really need to teach these things in grade school to kids because I truly wish I knew these things before it was too late. Now it's just school loans and hospital bills =( Which may be just as bad!