Wednesday, April 1, 2009


April Fools! I know... lame of me, I could've come up with something better. I've only had a half a cup of coffee today, my creativity hasn't awakened yet. Now let's just hope that's not true!

What a week. I've been as cranky as they come, and I'm not sure why. Hey maybe I really am pregnant! Ha! All these hours I've been putting in between work and my Etsy shop is starting to take a toll. Yesterday it took a toll on not only me, but David as well. He woke up evil and continued on that way most of the day. Everything caused a big unnecessary crying breakdown for him. I haven't been sleeping, and I'm cranky. When my friend K called to see how I'm doing since no one's seen me in ages since I've been so busy, I did the inevitable. Turned into a big sobbing baby right there. Oh woe is me. I'm so lucky to have a friend like her. One that understands my PMS and my crying over the unnecessary. She let me cry, told me she loved me, and offered some good advice. I hung up glad to have her and went to chill out before the kids woke up from their naps and went back to trying to beat each other silly. Almost no time later there was a knock at the door and this is what I found!

A bouquet of flowers from my K! She is just too sweet! I'm so lucky to have her. They looked a lot better before the drive home from work, but I accidentally smooshed one side- oops! I'm not flower expert... I'm pretty sure I've already expressed how I have a black thumb... and these are really neat! The small purple flowers seem to only have one petal, they are really cool. I've never seen a one petal flower!

Aren't they great? Isn't she great? She was great before she bought me flowers, but it was just so sweet. :)

I had a whole blog post ready about the crappy music I've been encountering lately on XM, but that'll just have to wait till tomorrow I suppose. 8 hours till Spring Break officially starts!

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