Friday, April 3, 2009

Sleepy Un-Birthday Mornings

*Yawn* I have too many mornings that I'm awake before I want to be. I'm being forced to watch Bobby's World (again) about the missing slipper (again). David now knows every word and when we aren't watching it, he's reciting it. It's super cute, but man, how can kids watch the same thing over and over and over? The Beatles references are cute though, I never caught on to those as a kid!

I added a new Slapdash Messenger Bag to my shop! I've had a busy week of custom orders and just plain awful picture taking weather, so this is all I've listed this week.

It's similar to the Bonnaroo Bags I made a month or so ago, but this time they aren't all Reserved for other people! I used 12+ fabrics for this one and even made the hidden pocket even more hidden by making it run along the very bottom of the bag. I had to make one just for me this time around, they are too great for me to not have one of my own! I've gotten so many compliments on it! I am just LOVING my Slapdash Series. I made some more tiny snap pouches also, but I can't manage to get a decent picture. The longer I wait the faster they are selling locally, so I can't complain. They've been a big hit around here! Someday I might get them onto Etsy! Come on sunshine! Here's the best of the worst pics of them I've gotten so far. If anyone wants one of them, let me know, a few are still available. After 4 different failed photoshoots for them I'm not that excited to try it again, but I would for you. :)

Yesterday was ridiculously relaxing. My first full day of vacation and I could barely keep my eyes open for most of it. I've been hanging onto this spa gift card I had gotten from my awesome boss for Christmas, and I finally got to use it yesterday! So I got myself a haircut and a pedicure. It was great! The haircut is real cute! I haven't attempted to style it myself yet, but we'll see what magic I can work when I finally get off this couch. The pedicure was soooooooooooo relaxing! I wish this fancy spa had had those vibrating massage chairs like Walmart does though. The bench thing I sat on had too low of a back to just lean back and relax. For twice the price of a WM pedi, I really think a massaging chair would be nice! It was great though, and the girl that did both was so sweet! If any of you are in Kzoo and want to spend way too much on a haircut at a fancy salon from a really sweet stylist then let me know and I'll tell ya who she is! I'm entirely too cheap to do these sorts of things I think!

My birthday is tomorrow! I thought I'd spend it all sitting at home with David since I had no sitter, but my Dad came through! Since I let David know about going up to Grandpa's he's been talking endlessly about Grandpa's garage. Grandpa's garage is really a wooden breadbox. David snags it as soon as he walks in the door every time! I'm thinking the Easter Bunny might need to bring this kidlet a breadbox. What am I going to do with myself being kid free for 2 nights??!! I hope all my friends aren't at work tonight!!


KrazyFashion said...

Oh gosh a pedicure sounds sooo good right now! How much are they at Walmart? I have never been to one of those before even though I see it all the time lol

Anonymous said...

Hey the little change purses are super cute!! :)