Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Me!

I'm the big 2-8 today! It really doesn't feel like my birthday. It's so quiet around here. Davids at my Dad's, Daves at drill, all my bffs are at work, and my twin sis is in Kentucky. I'm really missing my twinner today. We always see each other on our birthday! The peace and quiet in my house is nice though- wish it wasn't covered with toys!

I don't know why I tried it on again, knowing that I can't breathe in it, but the vest I made a while back fits today! It's a birthday miracle! I don't know how, I don't know why. I'm so wearing it tonight! I've been contemplating listing it on Etsy, but oh no- now it's alllll mine. I knew I'd never part with it. As soon as I finished it I knew it'd be mine, even if it didn't fit and would just be a closet decoration. I'm hoping I can still breathe in it tonight after I go to Mongolian BBQ and gorge myself on big bowls of saucy stir fry and that giant birthday sundae they give ya! Not to mention my lunch today (I slept through breakfast! Woohoo @ sleeping in!) is a plate of overdone bacon and some coffee.

Happy Birthday Colie-O! I love you!

~Love, Lanerd


Anonymous said...

Hey.. Happy birthday!.. Hope you have a great day.. and dont feel any older!!

JustJaynes said...

Happy Birthday! What a cute picture!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day (and your vest still fits after dinner!). :)

Delainie said...

Thanks so much! It turned out to be a lovely birthday! After I woofed down 2 bowls of stir-fry and a sundae that vest wasn't fitting so well anymore... oh well!

Tree Fern said...

Happiest of birthdays! Yay! I love birthdays. :)

(I'm from the Etsy thread, in case you wondered!)

Love the photos.