Tuesday, April 28, 2009

On With the Show!

I have been a blog slacker. The weather is so beautiful, I've been outside enjoying every second of it that I can. Even got a touch of sunburn the other day! Never been so excited about that! It's been such a dull, dreary winter, it's just so nice to see the sun again!

I've been dragging the kids outside for early morning workouts as well. I feel goooooood. I've discovered Michael Franti this week too, and his music just makes me move! The kids seem to like it too so that's a plus! Usually they are asking me for Rhianna's Disturbia over and over (they call it Bumbaneeya (goofy kids!)). And other equally horrible songs that make me want to rip my ears off. It's nice when we find one we all like! So, Michael Franti, I love you. My ears thank you.

On the Etsy front- I made my 200th sale last week! It's such a great feeling knowing that beautiful things I've made with my own 2 hands are all over the world being appreciated by others. I haven't recounted in a while, but I think I've now sold to 41 states and 9 countries!! I wanted to add some treasury screenshots on here, but Blogger really truly hates me right now and keeps freezing when I try to add an image. Booo at you Blogger. Jerk. I refuse to try to do it again and retype this entire thing for a third time.

As Seen on TV update- I once lived in a teeny tiny apartment. Quite possibly world's smallest. It had no oven! I didn't know this when I moved in and managed to 'make it work' using a toaster oven. The only thing I couldn't make was a decent pizza. I had to cut them in half and cook half at a time. My stepdad got me a Pizza Pizazz for Christmas and at first, I thought it was a joke since I'm always wanting something I've seen on a late night infomercial. It was the real deal! I could cook pizza again! I've had the thing for 6 yrs and it took an unfortunate turn a couple months ago. I am stubborn. I refused to throw it out. The other day, due to my lack of cupboard space, I thought I should give it one final chance and see if it .... I don't know... fixed itself? I'm a dreamer, I know. Would believe that it really did? It's back and working perfectly! Over the past few years, this is by far my most used kistchen appliance other than my toaster oven. I'd suggest it to anyone! MMMmmm crispy pizza crust *drool*.

To my loyal blog follower Erika... My hubby is a Marine. And a dang good one at that. :) I'm very proud of him and all his accomplishments, doing things I know I could never do! Also, I think you should really get to work on that locker hooking, I know it takes an eternity, but you'll have such a great, long lasting rug when you're all done! I love getting that "you MADE that?!?!" look from people when they see mine, it's part of what drives me. That being said, there's no way in hell I'm making another one! LOL!

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Anonymous said...

Wow that was a long one!.. phew! haha
Well give a thanks to the hubby for all he does!.. Takes a strong one for sure - I cant imagine!.. Locker Hooking... mm hmm.. one day.. one day it will get done.. that instant gratification thing just makes me so much more happy! ;) Too bad my craft room has a million half started projects!..
Those infomericals are a killer!.. did you see that show yet with the infomercial guys??.. My 5 year old was like "LOOK MOM ITS BILLY MAYS" (However he spells his name).. terrible!..
Weather has been so nice... so hot the last few days but finally cooling back down.. cant wait for beach time!.. our most favorite time of the year!.. Michael Franti.. dont think I know the name.. Ill have to look it up!..
Congrats on the etsy achievements!..