Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Technically Challenged.

I'm a technical nightmare today! Earlier I couldn't add an image to my blog post. Then I couldn't add a Byhand Spotlight. Then I couldn't add an Etsy Mini. THEN I couldn't use Twitter to contact Byhand to find out what I'm doing wrong!

Is it so wrong that I just want a clickable showcase to show off all the things I want to buy for my pregnant best friend? That's right- my very best friend - my BFF if you will - is knockered up! I love her to bits and I can't wait to spoil her little kidlet rotten! It's close to my only chance to be Aunt Lainie. Took me ages to pick only 9 items, but here's my top favorites! I bought the 1st one already in green, I just couldn't wait! I got it in a 3T for Ali though, not for my BFF. I think I should wait on some of my shopping till she's more than 7 weeks along!

And since I couldn't get any sort of clickable showcase to work, here are links to each shop I featured here!

#1 Aliyah'sHopeChest

Let's hope tomorrow I can work a computer better! I'm going to eat a caramel chocolate marshmallow from firstfruitsllc and pretend that it didn't actually take me 10x longer than it should have to get things done today.


Anonymous said...

Hope your girlfriend has a great pregnancy.. eck!.. the horrors! haha I so dont miss being pregnant.. but at the same time I guess I never terribly minded it.. just was always so glad to have it over, then you have a whining fussy little one looking at you and calling upon you every other minute!.. Cute picks!.. Love all that great baby stuff.. but you know what they really want.. diapers and gas medicine!! ;)

Jennadesigns said...

LOL... gas drops - too funny! I just invested in some for my daughter (they didn't work for my son when he was a baby) and it's like having a totally different baby!

Love your selections Delainie! Thanks for including me! I hope your friend has a wonderful 9 months and enjoys it all. The best reward is at the end though... nothing like a sweet little babe looking up into your eyes!