Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Top 10

My Top 10 list! A few members of my amazing Etsy West Michigan Team have a blog topic today! The top 10 things that make us happy - so here goes!

1. David and Alli... and of course Tay when I get to see her
2. Laughing till I can't breathe
3. Kids laughing so hard that they fall right over
4. Fabric!
5. Waking up in the sunspot on the bed. I will not buy a house that doesn't face the right direction. (Not coming in very handy right now, as we are house shopping)
6. Road trips
7. Sunshine
8. Open-minded, fun-to-be-around, creative, amazing people
9. Mountains. Oh what I would do to be back in Missoula- even just for a while.
10. Creating things. Whether it's for me, my shop, local orders, anything. Pants, dresses, bags, wallets, reupholstering RVs, I don't care. I just need to create.

This all reminds me that it's been wayyy too long since I've had a great belly laugh or a vacation.
At least my babys laughing!! He's extra silly today- I think it's lack of sleep. My Mom surprised us with a visit today and we skipped naptime so we could hang with her!

Update on the #1 thing that does not make me happy. Potty training. I told David that we are out of diapers and can't buy any more because he's just too old for them. I don' t like to lie to my baby, but man, I have to do something. I've tried it all! He really thinks that the store won't let me buy any more and that is fine by me! 1 diaperless night down- and we all lived through it!

I was up at 2am fixing the potty. I still can't explain what happened to it, I'm just glad I figured out how to stop the water before it made it to the hallway. My Shamwows came in handy finally! I knew I'd regret wanting a reason to use them! Dave got home this morning and just did that "I love you... moron" head shake at me and fixed it the right way. Gotta love him.

THE UPS MAN HAS ARRIVED! I must go punch some holes in paper. OOOhhhh I cannot wait!


DesignsByLashelle said...

do you want to know how my brother potty trained his son? No kidding, he bought a box of fruit loops and told Tyler that he could count out 10, throw them in the potty and pee on them when ever he had to go potty LOL and after that box Tyler was a new boy. LOL

Catherine said...

My son is David and my husband is Dave...and we're trying to do nighttime potty training over here. Too funny (not the potty training part though!).

:) Catherine

Delainie said...

LOL LaShelle! The pee-potty-training has been A-OK for over a year- it's the poo he just will not do. Someday he will be old enough to read and when he sees how much I talk about his poo habits I hope he doesn't hate me!

Delainie said...

Good luck Catherine! I hope your David is easier than mine! He's a stubborn boy... gets it from his mama :)

Anonymous said...

Eh the potty training is a pain in the tooshie!.. That is for sure!.. Thought the girls were difficult.. 3 year old little man here just will not stick with it.. he's got many other more important things to do than go use that potty thing!.. the poo is killin me!.. he knows not to do it.. and when he's doing the dance i get him on the potty.. no luck wont go.. bribe him with the world.. so after the screaming fit and he goes to bed.. of course.. before he goes to sleep he goes in his diaper.. then wakes up in the morning after sleeping all night with it in his diaper.. a totally awful smelling bed.. and room for that matter.. tired of cleaning sheets every day!!.. hope you have better luck than i! Hope you're having fun with the paper puncher!.. i saw an episode on diy once of a lady that makes journals.. was totally inspiring to do it.. haha guess i better put it on my list.. 5 years and all the kids will be in school!.. to think of all the time!

Maverick said...

Awww :) Fabric makes me really really happy too! :D

xx. mavi