Friday, May 15, 2009

Frank and Beans

Those are the names of my sister's giant bellied bug-eyed goldfish. One of them is no longer with us, but I forget which one. Look at this adorable fabric!! I found it in the scrap bag I had blogged about earlier and it was just perfect to make my sis an Itty Bitty Frank and Beans Pouch! I haven't seen my sis in over a month and I miss her bunches. She's moving to KY soon, so I should really just get used to it. Instead, I thought maybe I'd make her something, as a bribe to please oh please come see me. :)

I'm almost ready for my summer shows! My first show is on May 30th. I'm not even positive where this one is since I'm not the one that signed up for it, but my partner-in-crime Mary Lou from Hidden Gem Studios has all the dirty details for me to share soon! I've been working my tiny-heiny off trying to work up stock for the summer so I don't have to spend it all inside at my machine. However, Mary Lou did offer me some workspace at her house where I could escape to to get some uninterupted work done, AND her workshop has garage doors on either end so fresh air flows through! I may just take her up on that.

The military is finally working in my favor this summer as well! Originally my hubby was getting sent on an AT in June, interupting my convenient babysitting for show season. Now, he's been specially chosen to go to Korea instead in September. I think that means his AT will be about 4 weeks longer than originally planned, but it sure is more convenient for me so far!


MariaSoleil said...

AT always got us in the middle of it was hard for him to ask for vacation time right before or after since he'd already been away from work for 2 weeks. Enjoy!

Jennadesigns said...

Cute, cute! Love the fabric!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lanie!
Its been a few days you must be workin away!.. The pouch is adorable!.. You better get to sewin with all your shows coming up - I'm sure everyone will love your goodies!

KiWi said...

Very cute. I love Heather Ross fabrics. I miss Munki Munki so.