Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all my Mama readers! I hope you feel extra appreciated today, get lots of snuggles from your babies, and maybe even sleep in or get some time to yourself!

My Mother's Day is going to be spent working I'm sure... but it's show season and that's to be expected. I think I may have over extended myself for this summer- there's so much going on! It occured to me last night that I need to make a huge stack of coasters still too, so that's the plan for today. Somewhere around here I've got a big bag full of coasters that only need to be topstitched and then they'll be all done. Why did I stop right before they were finished? Story of my life I guess -- if I didn't have 30 unfinished projects laying around then I just wouldn't be me.

I'd love to type up a whole tribute to my Mommers today, but I think I'll just call her myself so I can spend my time snuggling with that cutie up there on the left. I'll steal a snuggle from my part-time baby tomorrow. :)

Have a wonderful day Mamas!

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