Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome to My Circus!

I've been doing lots of custom work lately! Usually I forget to get pictures, but I finally remembered this time! I made a great trade with MomNMiaQuilts and whipped up a pink Itty Bitty Snap Pouch for her, and sold a personalized one as well!

Thanks to the lovely help from my Etsy West Michigan Team, I have realized that I am ill prepared for FSAM that kicks off on June 14th. In my typical fashion I have now gotten carried away and I'm afraid my booth may resemble a circus. It's got a ton of color! Yesterday, I made a bunting. I didn't know it was called a bunting, I was referring to it as "my triangles on a string." So technical aren't I? It's so bright and fun! I haven't added the "string" yet, just couldn't wait to share it.

I want to get it done tonight. I have a lunch date with my friend Mary Lou from Hidden Gem Studios tomorrow and I want to show her what I've got going for our shows this summer. She's my new show buddy- we are going to bank this summer and have an excellent time doing so!

My FSAM table covering is in the works as well. I decided to go with wide vertical stripes of sea green, medium blue, and tan. Possibly with this satin stitched on in black.

I think it's fantastic, but again with the circus-y feel. We shall see... what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Pouches are adorable!.. love the writing.. they look great!..
So Im trying to figure out what this triangle bunting thing is?.. Im sure I could just look it up.. haha.. (dont worry.. im not making one!);).. I've learned with you to say.. wow that looks great.. and move on ;)
Your fabric choices are so much fun.. be the ringleader if you're going to have the circus!

Jennadesigns said...

I love the bunting (didn't know what it was called either... I'm the "trianges on a string" type of girl myself). The web address is super fun too. I'm thinking of doing some craft fairs this summer as well, but have no idea where to start. Making stuff is the first step... and now that school is done, I'm ready to get to it! Good luck this summer!