Saturday, June 20, 2009

Back From the Dead & A Soap Story

My camera has been fixed! Not only has it been fixed to near-perfection, but my husband is the one that fixed it! Now, he's a smart guy and an engineer, he builds massive bridges for cryin out loud, but I can't say I actually SEE him fix anything ever. I anticipated fear when he took my ziploc full of camera pieces and my chincy $1 screwdriver set I bought to *attempt* to fix this camera myself, along with the glue I planned to use on whatever the screwdriver didn't work for, and he sat down at the kitchen table and went to work. I sat on the couch researching where to buy my brand new - hopefully orange - Canon Powershot SD1200IS for the cheapest price while this went on, fully convinced that as soon as he gave up I'd be headed towards the nearest Canon camera bargain. Imagine my surprise when not even 15 minutes later he was showing me a still half assembled but WORKING camera! Only 10 minutes after that and a quick lecture about how I should not just pull the camera apart when I got to a point of stripping a screw, I had a complete working camera again! I'm not lying when I say I jumped and squealed with joy. Welcome back to life little camera!

I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning on about 3 hours of sleep to go to the farmer's market FINALLY. I've been wanting to get there for a couple weeks specifically to pick up my Whipped Cream Soap from Laura at Shower Treat Soap. She's been holding onto some jasmine scented greatness for me! This stuff is awesome! It smells fantastic and the feel of it is nice and fluffy and light! I kinda can't wait to shave my legs... I don't think I've ever said that in my life. I also picked up a fantastic green apple vegan lip balm too! It smells extra good and it's not sticky at all. Plus, everytime I see Laura she's got a smile on her face, an absolute pleasure to be around, so nice to see her today! :)

I tried to include a picture of Laura's whipped soap, but the html won't work and I'm not computer whiz, so here's a pic of my newest item instead. Why this picture works and the other one doesn't is beyond me. But hey, aren't the rockets cool too?

Other than that I'm having one of those if-you-don't-have-anything-nice-to-say... sort of days. Mom would be proud, I'll keep the negative to myself today. Maybe I'll call her to bitch later as repayment for teaching me that lesson. Love ya Mommers :) I'm off to the fabric store with my 50% coupon, I'm in the mood for some retail therapy and a new, maybe royal blue, princess skirt.


Lona said...

Glad to hear your camera is fixed!

Karin Schueller said...

Just had to stop by and tell you that I LOVED the antiqued look on my 'finds' as well... and I was nervous, lol. But I also knew that the antiqued look didn't really 'go' with my bright colors... I did one at at a time, no lie, lol. Sprayed one, approved, and then did the other, lol. ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your camera has come back to life!.. New rocket ship purse is cute!.. cant wait to see the little one when you make her a skirt!..