Saturday, August 22, 2009

100th Post!

This is my 100th blog post! Yay me for sticking with this thing!

Now on to my post that has nothing to do with me making 100 posts since I just found out as I logged in ...

First -- Things I've Learned This Week
* Little owwies bleed bad.
* Canada has a much more interesting transportation than my area of the U.S.
* The fixing of railroad ties is quite interesting.
* Trains without graffiti do unfortunately exist.
* Many people don't agree with my views on graffiti. Oh well. I think it's beautiful.
* I've watched (and analyzed) far too much Mighty Machines Construction Trucks with Little D. Obviously.
* There's not much I dislike more than being "shhhh-ed" by a 4 year old.
* It IS possible to spend hours daydreaming about a house I can't afford based soley on the existence of a catwalk and the potential to have a store IN my house.
* Redbox is a great concept. I think I'm in love. And watching Coraline tomorrow morning.
* Payless doesn't suck this year. Dave and I BOGO-ed the other day. I found realllly cute red shoes. I feel like Dorothy -only less glittery.
* Don't order a 'golden margarita' at Brewsters. They're nasty. That's not what I wanted anyway.
* My sis living in KY sucks. BUT, they do have clearance designer fabrics at Hancocks there.
* My sis living in KY rules. ONLY because she surprised me with a box of these designer fabrics. One so awesome I squealed. For real. Like a little fabric lovin piggy.

Ok ok I may go on all day. I swear, I start every post with nothing to say and then write a flippin novel.


I might have to start making quilts! The response to them has been amazing! Thank you to everyone who commented, tweeted, emailed, convoed, Facebooked, Myspaced, etc.! I even got the downlow on some friends that haven't told anyone else they are expecting yet, except ME, so they can get on the list for a quilt. *evil grin* I know and YOU don't. Ha.

People pretty much know by now that when I get a project idea working, I will make a few, and then I'm done. I might make the item again sometime, I might never make it again. Slowly my friends are learning that you gotta get in when the gettins good. There's no waiting here! I wish I was able to make everything I create custom, but man, some days I just don't feel like it! When that happens I start enjoying my creations less and that's not why I work for myself. I work for myself doing what I do so I can make what I want when I want. And start working at noon. And wear flip flops to work. Or pjs if I so choose. And flat out skip work some days to go to the beach. That's right Mom, I DID find a job that I can do all that. Even after all those years of you telling me to grip reality and real jobs don't work that way. You're right a lot Mom, I find great happiness in getting my chance. Love you :)

I spent a nice chunk of this week/weekend sewing. I got a really cool patchwork-y tote bag made that I still need to photograph, and 6 new Itty Bitty Snap Pouches! I'm itching to make some pinafores with some of my new awesome fabric too. I had linings for a bunch already cut out, but I did something crazy and cleaned and now I can't find them. So pouch crazy I went...

One more day of my 4 day vacation. I'm hoping to finish an AWESOME Slapdash Clutch. I had lots and lots of requests for longer clutches but I have a hell of a time finding longer frames at a reasonable price. I wandered the mall with big Dave the other day and found a great one -- on clearance -- and as soon as I find exactly the right fabric it will be awesome. I am saving it from it's gaudy destiny as a leopard print sequin clutch. No surprise here that it was on clearance.

I shouldn't admit that I also bought leggings at the gaudy clothes store I found the clutch at. Yes, leggings. Wtf Delainie. I swore I would not welcome this trend back and now look at me! Then I tried them on and thought "hey, these are actually cute!" and tried on a bunch of other crap from my closet to see what they go with. I need an intervention. Or a really cute hoodie dress from American Apparel.

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